10 Free Tools Every Company Needs To Know About

A wise business person knows when to spend money and when to save it. Software is a great area for cutting down on business costs because it doesn’t have to be expensive — in fact, it can be completely free.

Be sure your business is availing of the best free tools at your disposal, tools like…


This is a project management system that’s ideal for companies still in their early days. Wrike allows you to oversee every task at work in your company, share information among the team and pretty much have your projects running like clockwork. Five users can be added to a free version of the platform, with 2GB of storage space and allowing for an unlimited number of collaborators.

Survey Monkey

This site allows you to build surveys that allow you to collect invaluable data on your target audience, so you can better meet their needs. Survey Monkey have a huge variety of templates to choose from, so you also get a wonderful user experience for no money whatsoever.


This social media marketing platform gives you a centralised collaborative calendar from which to post on all your social networks, allowing you to more easily manage channels, teams and campaigns. While it’s not technically a free tool, there is a free trial available where you can discover Falcon’s true potential. For fully free social media marketing platforms, you can also check out both Hootsuite and Buffer.


You needn’t keep forking out for a Photoshop subscription, this open source editing software matches it. Be it photo editing or graphic design, pretty much anything you can do on Photoshop you can do on GIMP — so this one’s a no-brainer.


When it comes to making your company’s name stand out on the web, a solid use of search engine optimisation is crucial. SEOProfiler gives you the tools to bring your business up in web search ranking, keeps you informed on keyword opportunities and provides competitive intelligence.


These days there are so many ways for a team to stay in communication — email, Skype and Whatsapp to name but a few — but it’s important to keep things streamlined so nothing falls through the cracks. Allowing for direct private communication between individual team members as well as the establishment of channels created for a specific group or purpose, Slack keeps your office communications simple and searchable.


If you’re having trouble keeping track of your seemingly out of control inventory, Quartzy is a life saver. The easy to use software makes tracking the location and quantity of your products simple.


You’ll never have to manually track your payments or receipts ever again with this free accounting programme. Important financial transactions like invoicing, expenses and income can be easily tracked using Wave, saving you lots of time and effort.


When visiting a website using a Chrome browser, this app allows you to merely hit the Hunter button to have access to as many of the email addresses for the website that it can find. Every month Hunter gives you 150 free searches, allowing to gather seriously useful contact information.

Tableau Public

Data, in its raw form, is generally pretty boring to look at, which is why high quality visualisations are important. Tableau Public allows you to draw information from a wide variety of sources (Google Sheets, JSON Files, Spatial Files, etc) to create visuals that look spectacular on a variety of devices.

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