10 Perfect Spots In Dublin For Your Next Business Lunch

Picking a lunch spot for talking business is far trickier than picking somewhere for a date. So many factors come into play, depending on the message you’re trying to convey by this lunch: Are you trying to impress them? Do you want to show that you pay attention to their personal tastes? Is this purely business or are you genuinely friendly? Is privacy important? Do you want this to be a quick meeting?

Where you end up going depends entirely on who you’re having your business lunch with, but luckily Dublin has a venue to suit any of your needs.

chai-yo teppenyaki
Serving Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine, there’s no shortage of variety in this spot. With their big round tables, a large number of people can converse easily with each other in this restaurant. Quick and friendly service makes the whole experience a lot more pleasant too. There’s also a large basement space here, providing the ideal environment for private meetings away from prying eyes.
Where: 100 Baggot Street Lower, D2

Small, busy and exceedingly classy. This is the kind of place you bring someone to impress them with picture perfect dishes, extensive wine lists and fabulous service. If you want your business date to leave with a smile on their face, you can’t go far wrong with this bistro.
Where: Trinity Street, D2

The very name of this spot suggests that you can expect a touch of class. With a decor that includes Victorian features, gorgeous artwork and a secluded upstairs room where you can enjoy cocktails while people watching, this is the kind of place where you can unwind while working. This is what it looks like when business and pleasure collides.
Where: Camden Street Lower, D2

charlotte quay
With the likes of Google, Twitter and Facebook all located nearby, this is a hot spot for young professionals who want to get down to business while chowing down at the same time. Not only does the food taste amazing, but the place alone looks stunning, as well as affording an enviable view of the Grand Canal Docks. The wine menu is also top notch, so we’d recommend this spot if you’re looking for a boozy Friday lunch.
Where: Charlotte Quay Dock, D4

vandal coffee co
If you’re looking for something chilled and atmospheric you should try Vandal Coffee Co, located in our very own Iconic Offices at Stephen’s Green. This diner style café offers breakfast & lunch options, and there’s a clear focus on producing unique dishes that are both healthy as well as super tasty (with plenty of veggie options too). In terms of decor this is something a little different, with graffiti walls, neon signs and indoor trees, we recommend this hidden gem if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary.
Where: The Greenway, Iconic Offices, Stephen’s Green

osteria lucio
It you’re pals with those on your business lunch, or you want to be, here’s where you take ‘em. Not only is this Italian eatery impressively fancy — its two founding chefs both have Michelin Star pedigree — but it also aims to replicate the social, communal aspects of a traditional Italian meal. What better way to bond with those you work with?
Where: Clanwilliam Terrace, D2

neon asian street food
This place ain’t exactly flashy, but it certainly hits the spot. Come here if you want to strike an informal tone, as you enjoy quality street food for affordable prices. There are long tables and the service is quick, meaning this lunch is going be as easy-going as it is delicious. Hands down one of the best Asian restaurants in the city!
Where: 17 Camden Street, D2

fowl play
Chicken dishes are usually one of the safest bets on any given menu, so by the same logic, an eatery dedicated to chicken must be the safest bet for a dinner venue. It’s found in The Square Ball so yes, this is pub grub, but it’s a perfect spot for having a casual chat and maybe even a few pints. Just make sure you’re not dining with a veggie.
Where: Hogan Place, D2

fade street social
A stylish venue offering gourmet fare. There’s something inherently social in tapas, the restaurant’s primary cuisine, with the sampling and passing around of delicious bite-sized dishes being simply perfect to stimulate conversation among diners. Which is exactly the effect you want to achieve when professionally wining ‘n’ dining.
Where: Fade Street, D2

one pico
It doesn’t get much swankier than One Pico. With its elaborate dishes, comfy seats and attractive decor, it’s easy to see why Dublin’s elite flock to this eatery — and it’s usually a good move to treat a business associate as if they’re part of that elite. Once you’ve settled yourself into these decadent surroundings, you can’t help but want to linger for as longer as possible.
Where: Molesworth Court, D2

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