12 Apps To Help You Instantly Become More Organised at Work

Organisation is key when running any business and fortunately for us, there’s an abundance of very helpful online tools that can be used to help keep us in line. Organisation doesn’t have to be your forte, just download a few sneaky tools and your colleagues will be none the wiser! Some of the tools and apps listed below are great for personal organisation however there are a number that are ideal for teams both big and small.

1. 24me

For those of us who wish we had a personal assistant but can’t quite afford one. 24me is your smart PA who will look after your calendar and to-do lists. You can sync it up with all of your utilities, banking, social networks, service providers and more. It will automatically send you reminders and help you take care of each task.

2. Wunderlist

Another task helping app, create really simple and easy to use to-do lists with Wunderlist. There are 100s of these apps to choose from but we found this particular app to be super user-friendly and efficient. You can set reminders, categorise your lists into folders, share your lists with your colleagues as well as assign specific tasks to your team and most importantly, you access them from any device (laptop / phone / ipad). You can download a freemium model or upgrade to a pro account for $4.99 p/month.

3. Trello

The most efficient and straight-forward way to get organised. We cannot recommend Trello highly enough, this is a visual way to manage your tasks and projects. It sounds simple but it’s Trello’s design and aesthetics that make it just so damn good. At a glance you will be able to see all of your projects (categorised & prioritised) as well as your colleagues’ and they will be laid out in a fun and engaging way. It’s the best way for you and your team to stay organised and on the same page.


4. Procrasterapp

For any procrastinators out there, this app is for you. Procrasterapp will help you recognise and understand when and why you’re procrastinating and it will intuitively give you advice on how to overcome it. The best part about this app is that it has a timer, you can allocate time slots for each project, it’s amazing what a ticking clock can do for your productivity. You can even set rewards for yourself within the app to help with motivation.

5. Unroll.me

We all have a crazy number of subscription emails arrive into our mailbox each day, cluttering up our inbox and our minds. Unroll.me will help you unsubscribe to all of the junk emails you receive and simultaneously streamline everything you do want to keep. With their ’round-up’ feature they will compile all of the subscription emails (that you actually want to receive) into one simple email. Nifty right?

6. LastPass

This is a basic one but a very handy one to have all the same. LastPass is your one-stop-shop or ‘safe place’ to keep all of your logins and passwords for the monumental list that you will no doubt compile. Between all of your social networks, memberships, wi-fi passwords it’s a nightmare to keep track, save your passwords in one safe place, where you can also share seamlessly with others.

7. Box

Similar to Dropbox but on a slightly more reasonable price plan, Box is your cloud content management platform to help you and your colleagues share and access files securely. A content management system is vital for every business big and small but we’re recommending Box as it has more favourable pricing yet still delivers on the goods. You can also sync it to your desktop so you have access to all of your files even when not connected to the internet.

8. Google Now

There’s a common understanding that Google Now is just another version of Siri, however it is so much more than that. This is an intelligent app that will intuitively adapt as it gets to know you and your preferences the more you use it. This is where it truly earns its place on our list, we can all use Siri to set reminders or ask questions about the weather, however it’s Google Nows intelligent monitoring of your behaviour and pre-empting of your needs that makes it so brilliant. For instance, if may recognise that you have a meeting across town shortly but the traffic is bad, it will notify you immediately to suggest leaving earlier or an alternative route.

9. Evernote

Evernote is a real all-rounder. This app will act as a filing cabinet, a daily journal, a management system for projects and to-do lists as well as many other options such as a place to keep your recipes. It works as a universal inbox, you can practically store absolutely everything here and take advantage of its cross-platform support so you can access your files on all devices. Save entire webpages, photos, videos, recordings, written notes or digital ones, it almost like your ‘second brain’ to quote Evernote themselves! Start from free or upgrade to premium.

10. Tripit

This one is for frequent flyers, organise your entire trip in one place. Tripit will automatically connect to your email accounts and take details from any flight or travel confirmation emails you have, to then transform into neat and complete itineraries. It’s really talented at filtering out the important info needed from your travel details and it will then list your itinerary in chronological order. Also, if it recognises that you have to get from A to B without an already booked mode of transport it will make suggestions for you or give you directions. This is simply a smart tool for anyone who travels, try the free version and if you love that, you can always upgrade.

11. Docusign

Busy professionals, particularly those in senior positions, may find this app pretty nifty. By having a digital signature set up you can save time and be more efficient when signing off on documents, approving purchases or closing a sale. Docusign simply makes things easier by keeping everything in digital form. Available on all devices you can try their freemium product but extra features are also available with a paid account.

12. CoSchedule

Nearly every company these days needs to have a social media presence, yet not every company can afford the time or the finances to dedicate to it. It’s an awfully time consuming task but there are plenty of tools online that are available to help with this! One that ticks all the boxes is CoSchedule. This is a social media scheduling tool that will allow you to schedule all of your media posts and blogs from the one platform. Not only that, but you can then analyse your results via the platform to see what is working best and how to optimise your scheduled times. They also provide you with content calendar tools which are very user friendly and again, essential for anyone looking after social media. This tool isn’t free of charge but you can request a free demo, and if you’re happy with the results you can sign up with price plans starting from $40 p/month. Other slightly more reasonable alternatives include Hootsuite, Buffer and Later.

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