6 Netflix Documentaries To Feed Your Creative Soul

Not all documentaries need to be taken too seriously and there are plenty of fascinatingly beautiful docs on Netflix to prove just that. Here at Iconic Offices we tend to be drawn to anything of the creative or artistic nature and so most of us would spend our time binging on the documentaries listed below. These are some of our personal favourites and you don’t have to be a design fiend to enjoy them.

1. Abstract: The Art of Design

One of our personal favourites at the minute, Abstract: The Art of Design, is definitely worth a watch. Each episode focuses on different designers from photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, interior designers and so on. Anyone with a creative soul or appreciation for the arts will be swept away with these masterful pieces. What will strike you most is just how much we can take design for granted but you won’t after watching this. We particularly recommend watching episode 2 Christoph Niemann: Illustration, and episode 6 Paula Scher: Graphic Designer.

2. Saving Banksy

This is for any Exit Through The Gift Shop fans, and for anyone who doesn’t know what Exit Through The Gift Shop is, please do yourself a favour and go watch it! These are both fascinating documentaries based around the subject of famous street artist Banksy. Saving Banksy is as stylishly edited and captivating as ETTGS but takes a different angle. We are presented with the tensions that lie between street artists and their wealthy collectors, featuring some of the top street artists, this is a very interesting watch and the street artists themselves are what steal the show.

3. Print the Legend

This is one you won’t be expecting a whole lot from, but that’s preciously why it’s so good. You expect to find a documentary on the future of 3D printing however the technology is really a secondary subject matter, what takes priority is the world of high tech start-ups and all of the complexities they face in the initial years. Focused on interviews with the employees at two startup companies, we are brought on a journey with them and witness all of the frustrations and barriers they face along the way.

4. Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is a must watch. And this goes for everyone. Love art? You’ll love this, love design? You’ll be in awe, love food? Who doesn’t! We’re all accustomed to throwing together a bit of grub and munching it down without giving a second thought to the aesthetics of the dish, but ask any chef and they will tell you just how important this actually is to your overall experience. However, when it comes to Chef’s Table, these guys are on another level! You’ll be blown away by the science, design and love that is put into each chef’s menus, all Michelin Star rated, each episode takes a look at a new restaurant and chef.

5. Iris

This stylish documentary takes a look at the fashion icon Iris Apfel, the incredible 93-year-old is quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed and fascinating to watch. Having a huge presence on the New York fashion scene for decades now isn’t the only interesting thing about this documentary, we are brought on a journey exploring creativity and how inspiring fashion can be. Iris explains how the clothes and accessories you wear shape you as a person, they can give you the confidence and improve your overall well-being. A thrilling watch.

6. Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang

Sky Ladder takes a look at Chinese contemporary artist Cai Guo-Qiang and a project that has been in the making for over 20 years. This is a fascinating, jaw-dropping spectacle that’s a must watch. Think fireworks, hot air balloons and wire suspensions that work together to create incredibly stunning art shows that will leave you in awe. This film takes a focus on the Sky Ladder, however you may find yourself even more impressed with some of his other, more coloulful works of art.





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