6 Team Building Activities in Dublin

Colleagues. You either love them, or secretly hate them, but either way, throw a whole gang of you into a room to do some team bonding, and we guarantee you’ll all come out the best of mates. And with so many exhilarating options for activities in Dublin, you won’t even need to travel far. We’ve rounded up six of the best team building activities in town that will have your work team performing better than ever – all whilst having some serious craic. Sounds good, right?

1. go quest – finglas

The ultimate physical (and mental!) challenge, Go Quest is a real-life adventure, with 28 unique challenge rooms which you move around trying to complete as many as possible in the time allocated. Rooms are divided up into four themes: Hidden Ireland, Sports and Play, Time Travel, and Jungle Jeopardy. You’ll be going mad trying to guide your teammates through laser beams and other tricky challenges!

2. murder mystery – city centre

Put on your detective hats for a thrilling game of ‘Who Killed Molly Malone?’, a story driven urban adventure, teams will be tasked with solving the mysterious death of one of Dublin’s most iconic characters. Armed with iPads as their guides, teams must navigate the city to locate hotspots which will reveal pieces of the puzzle. From detective and forensic reports, to newspaper and telephone recordings, to real life characters, each piece of information found moves the team closer to solving the mystery.

3. skillzone – stillorgan

Is your team fairly fit and sporty? If so, you’ll LOVE Skill Zone, Dublin’s first multi-sport indoor circuit. Incorporating 10 different sports including a 6m Racing Wall, Batting Cages, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Golf Chipping, Target Practice, Hang Tough, Gaelic and Basketball, this will really put the team to the test. The best score wins, so start choosing your teammates wisely…

4. scavenger hunt – city centre

In this tech-based treasure hunt the teams are challenged to visit as many as possible of our carefully chosen iconic locations throughout the city. Your team is equipped with iPads to complete GPS-triggered missions such as searching the surrounding area for clues, taking interactive group pictures or answering quiz questions. But there’s a catch!… The teams all know each other teams’ locations and the further the checkpoint the more points they score. The challenge lies in figuring out how the other teams will plan and execute their strategy, and trying to pick the less visited spots.

5. sports day – anywhere!

A super easy day activity that you can even DIY, hosting a work sports day is always great craic. We recommend including all the classic games you know from childhood, as well as some new additions. Have your wits about you for the sack race, the wheelbarrow race, a nerve wracking egg and spoon race, and our personal fave – the beer relay race. Competitive hula hooping anyone? Make sure you pick your partner wisely for the three legged race!

6. 5 quests – dublin 18

At 5 Quests you’ll find the perfect activity for fans of The Crystal Maze, this is an escape room unlike any you’ve tried before. Two incredibly immersive rooms will see teams battle it out to be the first to ‘escape’, using all the brainpower and wits you can possibly muster. Teams can take it in turn to try each room, playing in both the Indiana Jones-style Egyptian room, where you have to decode hieroglyphics to solve the clues, as well as the colourful jungle themed room, complete with a Jumanji replica board game with animals that hold the key to escaping.

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