7 Unusual Ways To Get Fit In Dublin This Year

Going on the same old jog or going through your usual paces at the gym can be a real struggle. The monotony can wear you down and, eventually, you can end up just throwing in the towel.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to give you a reason to be excited about being a fitter, more productive and all round healthier person this year. We’ve had a look for some alternative ways you can get some exercise in Dublin right now — and we were pleasantly surprised by what we discovered…

1. Trampoline Classes

We honestly can’t think of a better way of working out than wildly hopping around on a trampoline. What’s more, you can genuinely strengthen your core, tone muscles and burn serious calories during a 50-minute aerobic trampolining session. Not only that, but it’s exercise that’s easy on your joints as well as being a great de-stresser. And one of the most renowned spots for trampoline classes in Dublin is at Jump Zone in Sandyford. You can find full details on the benefits of trampolining, also known as ‘rebounding’, via Health Ambition here.

2. Climbing Classes

Here’s a little something that’s not for the faint of heart. Attempting to scale a wall requires a lot of concentration but you’re rewarded for your efforts with a powerful adrenaline rush — building up your upper body and core strength is just a bonus. One of the best spots in Dublin for climbing classes is at Awesome Walls in Finglas.

3. Animal Flow Yoga

This may look a bit silly but trust us, it’s a lot of fun. Animal flow yoga is a fitness programme that challenge participants to perform a lot of ground-based movements and bodyweight exercises. It is a 100% bodyweight training that mimics the movement of animals such as apes or crabs, the idea with this training is to get your mind and body working in unison. It’s a great way to really challenge yourself in every aspect and get an effective and fun workout while you’re at it! With animal flow you’ll increase your flexibility, improve your core stability and improve muscular endurance. You can do animal flow yoga at Strive Studio in Deansgrange.

4. Pole Fitness

It may not be for everyone but pole dancing classes have been proven to be an extremely effective workout and one to consider if you like the idea of really improving your muscle tone. This is a tough workout as you are supporting your own body weight burning 300-400 calories per hour. And while you’re doing nothing but good things for your body, you’ll find your confidence will grow with each class you attend. You can find pole dancing fitness classes at Just Dance venues around the city.

5. Drumming Fitness

Want to combine your love of music with a desire to get fit? We’ve got just the thing. POUND is a “cardio jam session” where you mimic the frantic arm movements of a drummer using a pair of lightly weighted ripstix, which look like drum sticks, to help you get as drenched in sweat as a rock star during an arena gig. You can take a POUND Fitness class at YMCA Gym on Aungier Street, Yoga Dublin in Dundrum and Vevay Road in Bray.

6. Aerial Fitness

These classes are one of the biggest trends to hit 2018. You will be suspended from specially designed fabric or ropes as you push yourself to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral your body into and out of a variety of positions. And if you think that sounds easy, we guarantee that you’re mistaken. You can take part in an aerial fitness class at Taking Flight in Phibsborough. Or alternatively you could try Flyefit in Swords’ K08 suspension training programme, recently launched.

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7. Hula Hoop Classes

Between this and trampolining, it seems we can all learn something from our childhood selves about getting fit. These sessions aren’t just about repetitively gyrating your hips, you’ll be taught dance moves, tricks, throws, breaks, rolls, isolations, wedgies and bunch of other hula hooping terms that you’ve never even heard of. You can take a hula hoop class at Dublin Circus Centre in Cabra.

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