8 Healthy Lunch Spots In Dublin You’ll Want To Try

Whether you eat at your desk or treat yourself to a full 60 minute break, eating well at work is super important. We discussed the incredibly positive impact a healthy diet can have on your working life in our previous blog post ‘Eating Well, Working Well’, which in summary focuses on balanced meals of protein, natural good fats and fruit to help any sugar cravings.

But where can we get our hands on such delicious and healthy goodness? We’ve compiled a list below of some of our favourite spots around Dublin city centre that have the perfect balance of nutrition (a.k.a. brain fuel) but also not forgetting the taste factor either.

Blazing Salads

Blazing Salads Iconic Ofiices

Blazing Salads is one of the most innovative salad spots around and they strictly only serve 100% natural wholesome foods. They’re known for their salads (obviously) but they also do quirky hot / savoury dishes such as tofu pizza and spiced cashew paella.

Top Pick: Curried roasted cauliflower and chickpea salad with tahini mustard dressing.

Location: Drury Street


Power Porridge

Everything is freshly made at Avoca with all natural ingredients (you can see a trend here), some of which they even grow themselves!

Top Pick: Power Porridge. The difference with this tasty porridge is it’s made with hemp milk which is lower in fat but also packed full of essential amino acids. Also by adding cinnamon you’re getting an extra kick of antioxidants serving you with even more brain fuel.

Location: Suffolk Street

Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard have two locations (one north side & one south side) – each has its own personality but both carry the same level of quality and taste. They take a creative and pure approach to their menu with many dishes being influenced by Middle Eastern cuisine.
Also worth noting – you can now order for collection via Piply, skipping the queues during busy lunch hour is always a win!

Top Pick: Turkish Eggs Menemen. This is their own take on the classic Turkish dish – eggs scrambled with tomato & roast peppers, with feta & olive yogurt, and a herb, chilli & red onion salsa.

Location: Capel Street & Harrington Street



Dublin Sushi

If you’re not a salad person then perhaps you’re a fish person. Zakura is a Japanese restaurant who are renowned for having some of the nicest and freshest sushi the city has to offer. It’s also a lovely quaint spot to chill and unwind a little (if you get the opportunity).
These guys are also available for delivery.

Top Pick: Salmon sashimi with miso soup.

Location: Wexford Street & Baggot Street




Okay yes, this is a burrito place but bear with us. Zambrero aims to provide Mexican fusion foods that are super delicious but on the healthier side. You can order black rice tortillas or even get everything in a bowl. We all have those days where a salad just won’t cut it, with Zambrero you’ll get a good feed but you don’t have to feel guilty about it!

Top Pick: Power Burrito. Packed with superfoods including black rice, amaranth and spirulina, wrapped in a black rice tortilla.

Location: Hatch Street & Pearse Street


Klaw Poke

Klaw Poke

Poke bowls are one of the biggest health trends of 2017 and for good reason. If you haven’t tried one yet get yourself to Klaw Poke where they do the most delicious Hawaiian treats. Not only do they taste amazing but they look amazing too, these are little bowls of heaven you simply have to try.

Top Pick: Ahi Poké – chunks of fresh raw tuna, edamame beans, chucka wakame seaweed, pickled ginger, brown rice and Ponzu sauce.

Location: Capel Street


Sprout & Co 

Sprout salad

Sprout & Co. is quickly becoming a hot spot for foodies, with numerous locations around Dublin they have literally sprouted (sorry) onto the scene. Sprout originally started with juice drinks but soon became a wholefood café offering more substantial meals. Everything is seasonal and local so the menu will often change but the quality never sways.

Top Pick: Roasted Turkey Salad and pick up a juice as well. Whilst many juices aren’t all that healthy, Sprout & Co. cold press their juices meaning they don’t oxidise or degrade the fruit or veg, thus preserving 100% of their nutrients.

Locations: Dawson Street, Lower Mount Street, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Ballsbridge Terrace



Chopped Salad Dublin

Probably one of the most obvious choices on the list, Chopped have opened several locations around Dublin in the last couple of years and this is only on the increase. This popular salad bar offers a wide selection and allows you to build your own bowl which will then be finely chopped giving it that unique factor.

Top Pick: Hot Oak Smoked Salmon Bowl.

Locations: Baggot Street, Camden Street, Grafton Street, Ilac Centre, O’Connell Street, St. Stephen’s Green, Westmorland Street, Talbot Street (to name a few).

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Written by Emma Reilly, Creative Marketing Executive at Iconic Offices

Emma is a dog lover, pizza fiend and a bit of a movie snob! One of her favourite things is finding new places to eat around her beloved city of Dublin, especially any interesting veggie finds. Emma is new to the Iconic Offices team, welcome aboard Emma!

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