Digital Trends To Look Out For In 2018

With the fast developments in technology and the adaptation of it in our daily lives, convergence is becoming a reality. Especially with owned, earned and bought platforms coming together, consumer behaviour is changing accordingly as well.

With this in mind we invited Ayse Guvencer in from Core Media to discuss the digital trends which are coming in 2018 and how we can try to stay ahead of the curve.
Consumers of the new digital world are expecting a seamless user experience, adaptability at every step of the game, utilization at every micro moment, innovation and less steps to achieve what they want to achieve whether that is researching or purchasing a product from the brands they are following.

With the increase in fusion of data, technology and machine learning, today’s consumer is more equipped and expects proactive innovation and proactive adaptability at every step of their now more interactive consumer journey. Brands, advertisers and leaders that will stay relevant to this journey and the consumer will have to adapt themselves fast to the ever-changing environment of digital trends whether that is chat bots, voice search, or precision data driven creative and user centric consumer approach.

These tasks are now too important to leave to the CIO’s of the companies. In a world where 60% of CMOs can’t name the next new tech change that they want to bring to their companies and worse 13% are unable to name the next big tech change, today’s leaders need to be able to fuse technology, data and AI with their management style, products and companies to create that clear vision to meet the consumers’ expectations.

Voice Search

There a now 6.5billion searches made globally every year, of which, 1.6 billion of these are through voice search. This is an astonishing figure in the short time voice search has been around and is expected to increase to over 20billion searches by 2020. As marketers we need to be able to adapt to these developments along with our IT Departments.

IT departments need to both be able to work for today’s big innovation as well as the next 5 years. No one can afford to only focus on today to put next 10 years on hold anymore.

Micro Moments

With the increased usage of mobile comes ‘micro moments’, which brands need to take advantage of as the consumer journey has changed and it can be any time, anywhere, any moment. Whether you are sending an email in front of an ATM line or searching for that movie reference with your friends.

Sephora developed an incredible campaign to help target their audience using micro moments. They realised their consumers were searching online when in store purchasing products and created microsites which indicated the consumers previous purchases when searching on their mobile device. As a result of this clever thinking they managed to increase sales by 67% based on recommendations.

Chat Bots

Brands also need to decide where they stand in terms of chat bots and personal messengers as 66% of millennials say they are more likely to consider and recommend a brand that is personally talking to them. Whether you’re looking to support your current clients or to influence potential sale leads, Chat Bots are a great way for you to be able to communicate in an instant with any issues or questions your audience might have. Being able to deal with a customer’s question and allowing them to talk to a human directly improves their mood and boosts their emotions, often resulting in a 100% satisfaction to consumers.

Taking this personalisation one step further, precision creative, essentially, data driven creative is what consumers are demanding now; creative utilisation based on their experiences and behaviour that’s completely customised to their past behaviors and their micro moments.

To stay ahead of the curve, today’s leaders need to adapt fast to the technology, put consumers at the heart of every process, proactively innovate, be user centric and bring adaptability to the consumer’s hands.

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