Eating Well:
Working Well – Part 1

“Healthy eating is not eating less food.

Healthy eating is getting the right stuff into your body,

when your body needs it.”

Eating well and working well go hand in hand. If you want to be productive in your work life and stay energised throughout the whole week, a healthy diet and enough sleep is absolutely necessary. “Your health is your Wealth” literally.  However, not everyone understands what a healthy diet is. Healthy eating is not eating less food. Healthy eating is getting the right stuff into your body, when your body needs it and consuming foods that will keep you energised all day. It is making the right choice when you’re hungry over the easy choice. It is giving your body food it needs instead of food you want.

Here is a list of some of the best foods to get into your trolley on your next food shop. Get these in your diet in some shape or form and your body will thank you.

Try not skip your brekkie, it is so important to have a productive day ahead. In fact, never skip any meal. Your brain won’t function properly and your concentration levels will drop. Try starting your day off with some hot lemon water. This is a great start to the day as it will help flush your system and get your metabolism going. Drink lots of water throughout your day. This will help you stay energised and focused and hydrated. You can drink coffee for energy if you really need a kick but in moderation.

Some meal ideas with ingredients from the list include:

Eggs and Avocado on toast – Eggs are a good source of protein and help with brain function and memory. Avocado is a healthy fat which your body needs. We all need Healthy dietary fats to give our bodies energy and help keep us warm. Fats help your body absorb nutrients and they will also keep you fuller for longer. (another key healthy fat is coconut oil). You can choose bread of your own preference you want to go all out try some wholegrain seeded bread for some extra nutritional benefits. Pop some lemon juice, salt and pepper on top and you have a yummy nutritious filling meal.

Smoothies – Smoothies are a great way to get some superfoods fruits and veggies in all at once. Smoothies usually consist of your preferred mix of frozen berries, banana, yogurt and juice. A superfood smoothie is this with added ingredients with extra nutritional benefits. Caution: Not all smoothies are healthy. Always choose freshly smoothies made over bottled. Fruit is better digest in whole form when it gets blended it is digested as pure sugar in the body so don’t overdo the fruit. Try think of the fruit as an added sweetener to a cup of veggies and/or health powders rather than the other way around. When your adding yogurt choose one with low sugars and fats. Instead of adding juice try add milk, almond/coconut milk or even water instead. This will reduce the sugar content. If you’re ordering one from a juice bar, try go to their superfood smoothie menu to make your choice if they have one.

Porridge – The thought of porridge sounds boring and bland but it can be decorated is so many ways to make it yummy AND it is a slow release energy food which means it’ll help you stay focused until lunch. Here’s some idea’s for your toppings –

Loaded yogurt – Try yogurt loaded with nuts seeds and fruits, great as a meal or a snack between your meals. When choosing yogurt try go for ones with lower sugar and fat contents. Some popular ones include fage total 0% natural Greek yogurt and Liberte 0% fat natural yogurt. As a dairy alternative Alpro go on is a great pick.

Salads – The initial idea of a few leaves in a bowl for lunch is never exciting but you can make them exciting and filling by bulking them up with veggies, sweet potato or quinoa and any other ingredients from the list above. There are also plenty of places in Dublin city doing amazing salads that are so big and delicious so there’s no excuse anymore. If you’re making your own try choose 1 protein, 1 grain, 1 green, 2-3 veggies and 1 topping.

Wraps – If you are a person who just doesn’t get satisfaction from a salad, or wants something warm, why not try swapping the grain and putting it into a wrap or toasted wrap with some healthy soup.

To summarise
What we eat directly impacts how productive we are and how we perform on a daily basis. If you are trying to eat more healthily and improve your well-being for productivity, always reach for the most “natural” products you can. Food in its most natural and raw form provides the most nutrients and removes any chance of processing. Processed foods lack nutrients and almost always mean hidden added salts and sugars (even tinned “healthy” soups contain them).

Keep it simple, choose a protein (chicken, turkey, eggs), natural good fats (nuts, avocados) and fruit in its whole form. If sugar cravings kick in, reach for a sliced orange, juicy apple or a handful of grapes to fill the gap. Start there and you will notice the difference within a day or two. It also goes without saying that exercise, even a brisk walk, added in on top will boost your metabolism further, helping to release energy and keep you going strong.

Robyn Reddy, Brief and Awesome Intern at Iconic Offices

Robyn spent a few months interning with Iconic and we must say, lucky us!
She’s a great Digital Marketer on the up, so watch this lady! Busy killing it in her last year of college at UCD, she also fits in time to rock it in fashion retail part time. She’s a big foodie, a “real” and healthy one (unlike the rest of us at Iconic). So after weeks of chatting to her about eating well and the importance of nutrition, we asked her to educate us (and our readers) on how to eat well for uber work productivity.
Thanks Robyn!

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