Improve Your Work & Decision Making:
A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

As part of our Members Series, we have invited some of our community members to guest blog focusing on their area of expertise. We have such a vast array of members here at Iconic and they all specialise in different areas. For this guest post we have Tara O’Rourke from Saol Beo sharing her knowledge on how to slow down in our daily lives and in return become more productive and increase our energy levels. Tara is the founder of Saol Beo Holistic Therapies and Training, where she is a practicing Holistic Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Homeopath.

It’s great to see as we move into the New Year all of these great initiatives to get you back on track and in shape, with no real pressure if you don’t achieve what you had set out to do. However, how would it feel to have a good balance throughout the year rather than cramming it into the initial few months?

I love the idea of connecting with the rhythm of the months; January and February for me are very much about planting the seeds and allowing time to nurture the growth. I would do this by giving attention to areas in my life where I would like to make positive changes, or it could be by making a decision to finally ‘let go’ of something. Ask yourself, ‘what needs to go’?

I was reading recently about finding your ‘centre’, a sense of grounding, feeling the comfort in the discomfort, security in the insecurity and certainty in the uncertainty. We can become change resistant as it is ‘safer’ to stay as we are, keeping our known securities with us. The introduction of something or someone new is too risky and can bring about uncertainty.  As we know there is plenty of uncertainties in life, remember it isn’t always negative.

How great is it to start your day not knowing what may lie ahead? This could be the day when something new comes your way in a positive manner but only if you’re open to it, by making space in a sometimes cluttered mind and world. When we wrap ourselves up in our own sense of security, we begin to contract, both physically and mentally which then shows in our communication and posture. We can lose sight of the excitement and mystery that’s out there!

You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.”

– Charlie Chaplin

When I began to practice meditation, it was quite uncomfortable not only in the seated position but also in my head. I experienced irritability, a deep sense of unease and I was quite judgemental with myself at the same time. However, when I stuck to it and sat with the practice for 10-15 minutes each day, I found a more relaxed breath, a change in my posture just sitting there, a release of muscle tension and an acceptance of thoughts – as I realised majority of thoughts were actually non-truths.

I was listening to a ‘Sam Harris’ podcast recently on ‘Meditation’ and one of his guests was asked the question ‘is there a quicker way to find this sense of comfort and ease in your meditation practice?’ and his answer was simply ‘no, it takes practice’. There is no quick way as it requires your attention to nourish and grow a practice over time. I think sometimes we can make things far more complicated than they need to be, with a daily practice, it’s like each day you are cleaning the ‘lens’ of the mind and making space for creativity and new ideas; this leads to a more stable platform for making good decisions.

Sam Harris – The Science of Meditation

Coming from a more ‘centred’ place allows you to peel back the layers of identity or labels you have placed upon yourself; and in turn gives you a real sense of ‘self’. Who are you without the job title and the attachments you hold as your identity? This identity is important to live in the world, however, it is also important to ensure you have a sense of grounding and support if these layers of identity were to go. Having a strong daily practice will give you the anchor to make sound decisions from a place of clarity, stillness and space.

If we perceive ourselves as small and limited, we will perceive the vastness of the world as a threat to our security’.”

– D.Fahri

Daily Meditation practice requires you and your time only. I like to get my body moving before sitting down to a short mediation. I start with Asanas (Yoga poses) – Surya Namaskara A and B is a great short daily practice to get heat into the body. When you move through this sequence, you automatically begin to connect with the subtle body. It is quite meditative in itself, I recommend three of each (Surya A and Surya B) before sitting still to meditate. This can bring a real sense of stillness to your practice, as if you have cleansed inside the body. Allow 10 minutes for this flow practice, followed by meditation for a further 10 minutes. Consciously bring a sense of non-judgement, self-compassion and letting go to your practice as you breathe. There are many apps available to help you with your meditation such as Headspace, they run a 10 day free trial which is a great place to start. When you come from that ‘centred’ grounded place, supporting your real ‘self’ rather than looking for the labels or attachments to wrap around the periphery of you, this will set you up for better decision making.

Look forward to seeing you at one of our scheduled Yoga or Mindfulness classes with Iconic Offices.

Live Life.

Tara O’Rourke,
Founder of Saol Beo

Tara O’Rourke is founder of SaolBeo (‘Live Life’) Holistic Therapies and Training.
She is a qualified Dr.Hauschka Aesthetician and Trainer, Homeopath (natural Medicine) and Yoga Teacher (teaching Yoga at The’ YogaRoom and for private corporate clients).

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