South Point

Herbert House, Harmony Row, Dublin 2


Occupying over 20,000 square feet across four floors, South Point is a haven for focus. Whether you prefer a private office, a dedicated or floating desk, your workspace reflects the South Point community: discerning, purposeful, meticulous. Our comfortable, intentionally lit spaces were created with your workday in mind, from head-down hours and meetings to relaxed think-time and space to winding down in the evening. Choose a spot to match your mood—a quiet lounge or a cool green space.

You’ll find a plush seat around every corner. Make the most of 24/7 access, secure storage, skilled support from our Community Team, and a generous kitchen with breakfast, coffee and beer laid on. Step out of your hideaway into bustling Dublin 2. You won’t beat the location for transport, lunch spots or nightlife. As a South-Point member you’re never short of people to meet: Iconic Offices membership includes you in a growing business community, with plenty of opportunities to connect.

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Iconic Offices offer a shared, community-driven coworking space for location-independent workers. It exists because of you and for you. As a member, you will not just be a customer of Iconic Offices; you’ll be an active part of what Iconic Offices is and does for you and others.


A light membership with flexibility for
access and hourly needs.

8 Hours (1 day) access per month with the
option to increase hours as needed

FROM €49 + VAT 


Undesignated desks & booths in a collaborative space. 24/7 access

FROM €449 + VAT

*Founding Member Offer based on 12 month commitment, from €349+ VAT


Fixed desk space including under desk storage. 24/7 access

FROM €549* + VAT

  *Founding Member Offer based on 12 month commitment, from €449+ VAT


Enclosed &  lockable with 24/7 access
and flexible contract options

Private Offices while being part of
the overall coworking community

*contact us for a quote


  • Member Community Events
  • Hirable Event Space
  • Flexible workspace on every floor
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Lightning fast WIFI and cabled internet
  • Fully kitted out kitchens stocked with crockery & cutlery
  • Continental breakfast provided
  • High tech bean-to-cup coffee machines
  • Shower rooms with complimentary toiletries
  • Concierge service (9:00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Personalised telephone answering*
  • Bicycle parking
  • Secure building with fob access on all doors, CCTV and monitored alarm system
  • Access 24/7/365


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