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Last week we hosted our second Iconic Luncheon event…

Pinterest for Business

Our luncheon series is when we invite a speaker in to talk to our community and teach them about their business. Last week (5th Sept) we were fortunate enough to have the wonderful Lara Glover, Account Manager from Pinterest join us to discuss Pinterest for Business and how brands can best utilise the platform.

Pinterest’s mission is to help people discover and do the things that they love. Brands have an opportunity to reach people early in their consideration mind-set, increasing the likelihood of their product or service being selected.

Below are a few of Glover’s top tips to get live today:

1. Create a business profile

If you’ve previously created a Pinterest profile, convert it into a Business Profile. This will give you insight in to what people are doing with your Pins on Pinterest. Ensure it has your logo or a visual of your product or service. Remember to include a description about your business, products and services. Especially your web address and contact details.

2. Make sure your website is ready

Make it easier for your customers to save your content by adding a save button – this will also give you analytic insights when coupled with your business profile access (see point 1).  Additionally it’s highly recommended to include a Pinterest Tag on your website to then track conversions.

Pinterest simply doesn’t require the same continuous updating that other social channels do.”

3. Don’t treat it like your other social platforms

Pinterest is more personal than a social network. Users don’t go on to network and chat with friends or to share their latest selfie; they use Pinterest to express themselves creatively and to find inspiration.

4. Promote your Pins

Pinterest now give businesses the option to promote their Pins. Your ads will appear to more people thus helping users to discover and save ideas from your business. For more info on this you can visit Pinterest’s help centre.

5. Creative on Pinterest should not just be beautiful but also actionable

People are on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration to go and do things. Use the following tactics to help them achieve just that and it’s also important to remember that Pinterest rewards and approves high standard of content. The higher the standard, the higher the ranking.


Some Dos:

  • DO utilise the correct size 600px X 900px (max height is 1560px). The vertical shape will increase visibility, particularly on mobile.
  • DO use professional style content as opposed to user generated content style (i.e. selfies), these generally don’t fit on the platform.
  • DO use the description to show the value proposition of your product or service. For example don’t say ‘Grey jumper’ but say ‘Grey jumper that can easily go from day to night when teamed with jeggings and high heels.’
  • DO name Boards after topics people may be searching for. For example don’t name them ‘Pinterest Ads’, do name them ‘Autumn Fashion’ or ‘Financial Tips’, etc.


And Some Don’ts:

  • DON’T make pins look like banner ads.
  • DON’T go for the hard sell – no call to actions such as ‘Click here’, ‘Buy now’ etc. are allowed in Pinterest’s ad policies

Watch the event video now

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