Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet – Infographic

Anyone who looks after their company social media profiles will understand that it’s never as simple as posting A to B. The most basic of tasks can become incredibly time consuming; you’re continuously ensuring the image quality is up to scratch, the overall aesthetics are beautiful, you’ve tagged everyone and everything necessary, your link is functioning, you’ve used the appropriate hashtags and of course, your copy is ace. And then to top it all off, you need to make sure your imagery is strong and that it’s displayed correctly.

We’ve all been there, a beautiful image surrounded by white space on either side or awkward cropping that completely diminishes the quality of your post. By consciously using the correct image sizing for your social media posts you will see your engagement levels on the rise. The only issue is again, it’s a time consuming process! …..And that’s where we come in (you’re welcome).

We’ve compiled a list of social media image sizing guidelines onto one handy infographic. Simply save the graphic onto your device and keep it on hand at all times for whenever you need a sneaky reminder on image sizes. Voila – you’re sorted!

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