The Startup Starter Guide:
To Cool Dublin Pubs

Co-Working life sometimes ain’t that easy. When one too many emails start flooding inbox’s or when the struggle to complete that one last PowerPoint presentation takes hold, our minds tend to start dreaming of the better things in life. Falafel, puppies and Netflix binges are to name a few, however, there is one thing most of us can almost always agree on, any fears can be sorted with a cold crisp pint!

With this said, below are some of my favourite bars to kick back and wet your beak in anytime you can avail of some quality down time away from the stresses back at the desk.


The Blackbird – Rathmines
Go for: The ridiculously good playlists and one of the cosiest beer gardens this side of the Grand Canal
Step into the Blackbird any night of the week and you’re almost guaranteed a packed house. With their impressive craft beer selections and solid tap regulars, you’ll be guaranteed to find the right pint to sip on. What’s even better is that it is smack bang in the middle of Rathmines, an area known to house some of Dublin’s most innovative and up and coming entrepreneurs. Out back is a sweet little beer garden shrouded in fairy lights, a perfect place to chat about your up and coming world domination while simultaneously squeezing out some lyrics of teenage indie tunes your embarrassed to still know.

The Square Ball – Grand Canal Street
Go for: The 200 board games, N64 consoles, ping pong tables and more

Nestled away on the corner of Holles Street and Hogan Place, the Square Ball is one of the best places to head to in Dublin right now if you find yourself sweating to think of ways to keep your clients or partners entertained!. With a serious selection of old school board games and 80’s retro arcade machines it a sure place to get your mind off all things work related for hours. Even better, right next door is the always tasty ‘Foul Play’ eatery which serves up some cooked chicken goodness to fuel you through your next round of Mario Kart.

The-Startup-Starter-Guide_Top-6-Cool-Dublin-Pubs_Iconic-Offices_Blog_The-Square-Ball-Pub-DublinThe Square Ball

P.Mac’s – Stephens Green
Go for: every craft beer

P.Mac’s, put simply one of the best bars in Dublin hands down. With its warm and energetic atmosphere, this place is a tractor beam for Hipsters and attracts the creatives of Dublin. You’ll find yourself settling in next to the never ending array of gothic candles and large Georgian tables to enjoy some of the most impressive beer taps on offer in the city. Like many similar bars P.Mac’s has a wide range of board games to get the conversation flowing. Don’t forget to grab yourself a free sneaky packet of crisps to help all that beer go down easy or if that’s not your thing, drop across the road to Super Miss Sue’s where you can grab some freshly cooked fish you’ll think the Greek God’s themselves have sculpted from the seas of Atlantis and chips cut so good it will make you think the garden of Eden does exist.

Marys Bar – Trinity College area
Go for: The burger joint in the basement!

Working alone or for a Start-up you’ll soon find yourself scampering all over the city to catch one meeting after another like a hamster in a wheel in outer space and most times you’ll forget to take a break. Marys Bar has your little hamster legs covered. A gem of a bar usually overlooked, Mary’s lies opposite Brown Thomas on Wicklow street and offers a good variety of beers and spirits to quench your thirst but their ace in the hole is the fact that the guys over at WOW Burger have just set up shop down the stairs in their basement. Kick back and grab a quick pint and a burger and get ready to destroy your next pitch!

The-Startup-Starter-Guide_Top-6-Cool-Dublin-Pubs_Iconic-Offices_Blog_Marys Pub DublinMary’s Bar

Bow Lane –  Aungier St
Go for: Wallet destroying but epically good cocktails in an old school speakeasy environment

That’s it. You hit the big time, your first big contract is signed and you’re fully convinced you’re the next Jordan Belfort. If this is you or you just fancy tasting every cocktail flavour under the sun and regretting it the next day head on down to Bow Lane. This impressive little join serves up some of the best cocktail and personalised drinks in the city and their food menu is just as good. Friday and Saturday nights bring the crowds who come to celebrate just getting through the week and do it all beside the live DJ’s who use infused 60’s mo-town classics with 90’s garage beats to keep the session rolling all night long. A must on pay day.

The Mezz – Temple Bar
Go for: The Live music all night long
Located down one of Temple bars narrow laneways, The Mezz has more of an underground club kind of feel to it and a great spot to head along to if you need your live music fix. Guaranteed to have a live band almost every night of the week, grab a few of your fellow co-workers and head along. With a late bar on hand, this place will have you singing out to your heart’s content well into the morning hours.

The-Startup-Starter-Guide_Top-6-Cool-Dublin-Pubs_Iconic-Offices_Blog_The Bernard Shaw Dublin

The Bernard Shaw

The Bernard Shaw – Richmond Street
Go for: All of the food!
Not far down the road from the first bar mentioned on this list, The Bernard Shaw lies in all its glory. Although not known for its varying amount of booze on offer, what it lacks a little in selection there are no such worries when it comes to food on offer. Out back is quite a large and relaxed beer/smoking area which is drowned in graffiti and some funny sharpie quotes no doubt left behind by the ever poetic weekend boozers but even better there is a giant blue bus parked in the middle of the place! ‘The Big Blue Bus’ as it is so cleverly named, dishes up arguably the best pizzas in town and during the week you can grab a pizza and pint deal for only 12 Euro. If your still up for more grub fly through the bar and head next door to the ‘Eat Yard’. Here you will find a few converted shipping containers housing some of the best established and up and coming food entrepreneurs in Dublin, dishing out take away boxes containing everything from BBQ, Indian, Italian, Vegan, Korean and more. Keep an eye out though as they regularly mix it up and bring in new vendors. If you’re in the food game or just a foodie, in general, get yourself down here there!

GUEST AUTHOR: Keith Raythorn – Community Lead/Legend

Keith, otherwise known as ‘The Hipster” Raythorn, surprise surprise is into music & plays in a band, the nickname case is officially closed!
You will generally find Keith doing one of three things, as he travels around quite a bit, frequents gigs….
a lot, and is always seen checking out newest foods places in town.

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