Twitter 101 with Catherine Bennett

Earlier in the month we hosted our latest ‘Lunch with’ event with guest speaker Catherine Bennett, a Retail & Travel Client Partner from Twitter. Catherine spoke about how important Twitter is within a brand’s marketing strategy and how to utilise the platform for maximum benefit.

Here’s some of our key takewaways from the event.

1) If it’s happening, it will be on Twitter

Twitter is what’s happening in the world right now and what people are talking about right now. Twitter is the first place people go to when they need up-to-date news. Twitter is more than just the ‘look at me’, it’s about the ‘look at that’. This is what makes Twitter unique from other social media platforms, which tend to focus more on the ‘look at me’ factor.

2) Everyone on Twitter is a social influencer in their own unique way

If you want to be in the know as to what’s going on over the weekend or a certain news piece, Twitter is the go-to place. Through using trending hashtags and monitoring live events we can get the most up-to-date news. It is a platform for the most influential users consisting of the Pope and The President right down to normal people like Carter. 64% of Twitter users have shared a piece of content from Twitter with their friends.

Twitter is more than just the ‘look at me’, it’s about the ‘look at that’

CATHERINE BENNETT, Retail and Travel Client Partner @ Twitter

3) 6000+ ads per day are never seen

94% of people are now using ad blockers. It’s no longer enough just to simply reach people, we as marketers and companies need to reach people in the right mindset. Following people around the internet with ads it just creepy and not relevant, they’re not in the right mindset. On Twitter, users are in a discovery mindset. They are curious and looking to learn more and become inspired. This makes Twitter an ideal place for your brand to reach its customers at the right time and in the right mind frame.

4) Be what people are talking about right now

Brands use Twitter to bring their most important messages to life and to be what people are talking about right now. This provides brands with the opportunity to be discovered first, to be part of the conversation and most importantly, to be remembered. Brands are utilising consumer tweets to influence their marketing and campaigns. Check out the video below.

5) Creative content is the key to Twitter

Content that is engaging will ensure you get into the timelines and the ‘Since you’ve been away’ tweet feed. If you want to feature in these tweets, high engagement on your tweet is the key to the algorithm.

6) 280 is the new 140

The number of characters in a tweet has slowly increased from 140 to 280 characters. This is slowly been rolled out across the board and is in the hope to improve the user experience of the platform. It also allows brands to be more creative with their tweets.


7) You’ve got 30 seconds max

When it comes to video content its proven that 5-15 seconds videos work best with a maximum of 30 seconds for video. Utilise extra features like playing music, put the headphone and turn on sounds emoji over the video and include subtitles within the video.

8) Twitter for Advertising

When getting started with Twitter ads it is vitally important that you make sure your account is setup properly. Ensure you have a completed profile with a nice profile image, and header image. Make sure there are some recent tweets associated to your profile. People will only engage and respond to active and engaged profiles which will result in more influential advertising.


9) Changes for Advertising

In 2015 Twitter made some big changes to their advertising platform to make sure you get the most out of your budget and campaigns. To help with this Twitter introduced ‘Branding Objectives’ and ‘Performance Based Objectives’.

Think about your campaign objective and the best type to use. So whether you want to grow your follower base, drive brand awareness or drive app installs or engagements there’s an objective for you. You just need to discover which objective is appropriate for your campaign.

When advertising to drive for app downloads or engagement, you can use multiple videos and image assets. By using video you can provide more value to your offering to the user, highlighting key features that make you unique to the competition.

10) How many keywords is too many?

Keywords really help focus your campaign to your target audience. It is recommended to include at least 25 keywords per campaign but if it’s reach and brand awareness you’re after, go crazy!! Just beware you might not get the same return since you’ll be targeting a more diverse audience.

The more thought you put into the campaign the better your quality and ad score. This will help you drive more value for a lower cost per action. You’ll be able to run with a bid that you’re comfortable with and figure out how you’re doing. The average click rate is 0.5% and the average price in U.K per action is between £1-1:10.

11) Customer Engagement on Twitter

Be discoverable – make sure you let your customers know where they need to go for help where available. Twitter has made changes to ensure a private conversation can be the go to place for help and support.

You can increase customer engagement by driving conversation with your users through the new Direct Message platform which provides the ability to introduce bots that are unique to twitter. Create self-guided customer engagement to help resolve issues quicker and setup quick resposnes and replies using rich media attachments.

twitter slide 1

Looking to learn a little more about the advertising options and business solutions that Twitter provide? Then check them out here;

About the Speaker

Catherine Bennett, Guest Speaker at Iconic Offices

Retail and Travel Client Partner @ Twitter

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