5 Unspoken (But Essential) Rules:
Of A Coworking Office – Part 1

An office is an unusual environment, especially a co-working office. Not only is there a diverse mix of individuals, but there can also be a mix of companies from various industries thrown together. It makes for an interesting workplace, but when people you don’t know or work with start flouting the rules of the space, it can lead to annoyances. Because believe us, there are rules. They may not be spoken out loud, but we all innately understand these laws. There’s an etiquette that needs to be followed in this environment, or civilisation falls apart!
Too dramatic? We honestly don’t think so.
Here are all the key rules of a co-working office.

1. Don’t come in sick
We’ve all known this person.
They come in looking like Death and spew germs all over the office, infecting everyone in their path.
We know you’ve made a valiant effort in dragging yourself out of bed but please, do us all a favour, please stay there.

Iconic Offices_Workspace for rockstars_coworking_Coworking Dublin_Flexible Workspace_Sobo Works_The Brickhouse

  1. Keep the volume down
    We all have our methods of getting in the right mental zone when it comes to work and a good soundtrack is a prime example.
    You need hardcore heavy metal to be at your most productive? By all means, listen away — just keep the volume on your headphones down. The rest of us may not share your enthusiasm for that genre.And if you’re literally just playing it out loud without headphones, you can be sure that the entire office despises you.
  1. Don’t be a space invader
    A surefire way to grate on the nerves of your co-workers is to infringe upon their personal space. Don’t leave your cup on their desk, don’t spread out so much you’re touching off them and don’t leave your documents lying among theirs. And whatever you do, don’t ever hover behind them while they’re working.

Iconic Offices_Workspace for rockstars_coworking_Coworking Dublin_Flexible Workspace_Sobo Works_The Brickhouse

  1. NEVER microwave fish
    In such a confined environment you need to be aware of smells.
    When you make a particularly pungent lunch in the communal kitchen, you need to be mindful that you’re subjecting others to that odour. We’re talking about the likes of fish and eggs here. Show some respect for those around you, that’s all we ask.


  1. Don’t argue in front of the whole office
    There’s nothing more awkward than witnessing an argument between two other people.When you’re in an office, don’t scream in a co-worker’s face or at a client over the phone.  We’re trying to maintain a civilised workplace here — please respect the peace.

Stay tuned for Part Deux next week…. not  to be missed!

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