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3 Things We Did To Build Our Company Culture

3 Things We Did To Build Our Company Culture

Just a matter of weeks ago, we (the Iconic Offices crew and I) completed the largest ever P2P Lending campaign In Ireland to date, placing our brand and company name in the public eye of top business owners and entrepreneurs countrywide.

The P2P Lending campaign was for €250,000, which we completed in less than 24 hours via 850 individual loans from members of the public. It was a great achievement for the company as we saw the public buy in to our concept, the work we were doing and the team delivering the results.

Following the fundraise, I was quickly contacted by people I know offering congratulations, which of course, was fantastic. In addition, I also received a large amount of emails and calls from people I had never met before, asking questions about the fundraising process and our business generally. The thing that struck me most was the number of people who commented on the main image of the team, remarking on how happy and close the whole team looked.  These comments reinforced to me just how right we got our recruitment process and how all the little pieces of strategy and vision came together to create the perfect storm. So, for all those people who asked the questions, here are the main 3 things we did right…


No Rules

We say we have no rules.  Obviously, we have some basic rules and policies but we focus on hiring the right people who we can trust to make smart decisions and who don’t need to be constantly micromanaged.  We encourage staff to break the industry rules (not the law :-)) so that we can drive on innovation and change internally, quickly.  We believe that people are happiest when they are free to think for themselves and to explore new ways of doing things, that to us, is a huge part of our company culture.

From a business perspective, there’s a huge cost associated with having to micromanage staff, never mind the negative impact it can have on morale. Having staff you can trust to make the right decisions on a daily basis is a beautiful thing and from this trust and freedom flows a very hard to measure happiness that we call “the X factor”.

There’s a very true saying by Coco Chanel; “If you want to be original in this world, prepare to be copied”

As a business, we know there are people out there trying to replicate our business, however, they may be able to copy a chair or a wallpaper but they’ll never be able to replicate our company culture, values and the big love we have for one another. Our largest USP is our team.

quote Joe Mc Ginley CEO Iconic Offices

Personality First

When it comes to the actual hiring process, the item on the top of our list is personality.  Any new member of staff must instantly fit into the team and buy into the company goals and vision. We are prepared to be patient to ensure we get the right candidate with that all-important “Iconic personality”.

There’s a great saying by Dan Jacobs from Apple which aptly sums it up; “It’s better to have a hole in your team than an asshole in your team!”

Remember, skills can be learned but personalities are for keeps!

3 Things We Did To Build Our Company Culture_Iconic Offices

Vision & Goals

As a company, we know what we are doing and where we are going.  That goal is to change the face of flexible workspace globally. Because we don’t have strict rules and guidelines, we don’t know how we are getting to the finish line but we all know and believe that we will achieve our goal. We know it because we inch our way forward towards our goal every single day. At the start, it was hard to see the progress but now when we look back we can see it daily.

If there was one piece of advice that I would give to a startup, it’s that ‘the work comes before the belief”. You have to build it and work, work, work and keep working. One day you’ll look back and be like “holy F#%K – it’s working” and you’ll have a little belief – then you just keep inching your way forward, making every day count.

The key to success with company culture, is to ensure that the whole team has a united goal and that everybody inches forward together.

You can read more about the raise here

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