6 Tips To Bluff Your Way Through The Six Nations

Six Nations 2017

The country is currently in the throes of Six Nations hysteria and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. If you’re not up to scratch on the game with the funny shaped ball, fear not. We’ve enlisted the help of two Irish rugby legends to give us the low down on championship over the next few weeks. Previously, we asked Niall Woods for his 6 Iconic Irish Rugby Moments

This week we spoke to Jordi Murphy on 6 tips to bluff your way through the Six Nations.

6 tips to bluff your way through the Six Nations

1.When in doubt just shout “Ah Ref’”.

2.  Ireland sings not one but two national anthems when they are at home, only one when they play away.

3.The player that has scored the most points for the tournament is our very own Ronan O’ Gara (Ireland, Munster) with 557.

4.The ball (which is oval) can’t be passed forward but it can be kicked forward. If in a crowd watching a game don’t be afraid say “surely that was forward? No?”

5.The offside rule in rugby is not the same as the offside rule in soccer.

6.The team that comes last wins the wooden spoon award and Italy (now coached by an Irishman Conor O’Shea) have won it 10 times. Ireland has never won it!

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