Co’s Before Ho’s:
Coworking Before Homeworking

To Cowork or Not To Cowork

For startup founders, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers and even remote employees, the question of where to operate from is of massive importance. Coworking comes to the rescue (along with some pretty sweet benefits) when the option of working from home or trying to grab a table in the corner of your local coffee shop becomes unproductive. With more and more workers migrating to coworking spaces, we have listed some of the benefits of operating your work days from a coworking space.



Since business growth can be unpredictable, it can be very hard to tell how many employees you might need next year. Coworking spaces can offer scalability so you have the breathing space to grow (or shrink) your requirements when you need to.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

A slick professional address without the fancy price tag can be hard to come by unless you pick a coworking space that is located in a swanky part of town. Members of coworking spaces have a place to call their own and an address to show their clients they really do mean business.


Productivity is Key

According to studies by Deskmag, 71% of coworking members said that their productivity had increased. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who can offer support or even be a sound board for your ideas every now and again is priceless when you’re solo.


Inspiration is Awesome

Since coworking environments allow remote workers the opportunity of interaction with peers giving a sense of an office-like surrounding, studies have shown that respondents also found that the quality of their work had improved and so did their mood. Coworking communities provide a platform to generate friendships, collaborations and the opportunity to network.

Home is Where the Mind Can Switch Off

You can define your work life balance with ease. Let’s face it, how tempting would it be to keep working through into the night when you’ve been working from your kitchen or couch all day? Better yet (or maybe not), you have that early morning chat show playing in the background and suddenly you’re engrossed in show after show, series after series and before you know it, the day is gone and you have completed very little to reach your day’s business goals, Everyone needs down time, and blurring that work life balance by pursuing both under one roof can have a negative effect in both departments of your life. Netflix is our best friend, at the appropriate times of the day – it might become your enemy if you miss that deadline or lose that sale!


Every Penny Counts

Kitting out an empty office is pricey! Not only do you have to consider the costs of furnishing – and boy, that ain’t cheap – you also have to factor in electricity, IT infrastructure, security and even sourcing cleaning contracts! Coworking members need not worry about capital expenses as the necessaries are all looked after by community teams within the space. Let’s be real about this – when you’re busy trying driving your business into the land of success, how many cartons of milk you need each day should not be on your to-do list.


Cliodhna, a Graphic Designer with
Coolgrey Creative Agency and an Iconic Coworking Member, tells us her story for picking coworking over homeworking:

“After 2 incredible years of being a part of the design team at Coolgrey in Cork city, I found my life on the move to Dublin. I was faced with the difficult decision of leaving a job I love to move to a new city. Fortunately, thanks to two awesome company directors, we decided that we’d give it a shot keeping me on the team, but from my new location in Dublin, on a trial run. 3 months into this set up, we realised what an opportunity this was for the company, which had just fallen on our laps. Coolgrey already had a large Dublin client portfolio, which was only growing further so it actually made sense to have a member of the team based here. However, the home office situation wasn’t working out so well and this led me to researching co-working and hotdesking spaces in Dublin city.

After a quick Google search, I discovered Iconic Offices. Immediately, I ruled out every other co-working space provider as no others compared to the style and standard of what Iconic offered, so I contacted them and got set up in their Sobo Works building on Windmill Lane in Dublin 2. Working in a creative field, the environment you work in has a huge impact on your creativity process and work ethic. When you spend your days creating branding, advertising, environmental graphics and so on, your mind needs to be open, stimulated and inspired by your surroundings to encourage your best possible design work. Sobo Works, with it’s urban, industrial, design led theme makes you feel like you’ve stepped in to an office space in Brooklyn. The overall amazing environment in Sobo Work is created not only by the design of the building but by the friendly, welcoming Iconic staff and the setup that is provided for members – from the open workspace for co-workers to chat and work together, the cool breakout areas to the unlimited coffee and beer on tap – all contribute to making it a great place to work everyday.”

So, will you be joining the 1,000,000 people working in a coworking space in 2018?

Lianne Kavanagh Iconic Offices

Lianne’s our Coworking Captain here at Iconic but we know her as “fro” (no explanation needed on that one).
When she’s not busy steering our Coworking ship, she’s probably off instagraming her travels
and nursing a good gin (on weekends of course, she’s classy like that!).

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