Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times

In these uncertain times, businesses and business owners alike are looking for ways to create some form of certainty, seeking solutions to support staff safety and therefore the future of their companies. With a global pandemic, we’re all in this together and everyone is learning as we go. However, in order to succeed, it is important to be highly considerate, decisive and act swiftly.

As a workspace provider, we house over 2,200 members and almost 100 staff. It is our belief that we must be in front of this situation. We are putting people first, taking any actions we can to support our members and therefore their staff and their businesses. We are committed to creating a safer working environment for our members and staff, investing a great deal of company resources into this project to ensure our ability to act fast and deliver an experience that aligns to maintaining a premium service. For this reason, as a service provider to so many great businesses, we began exploring options to support our members by adapting our workspaces. We felt the need to act quickly in order to adapt our offering for the long-term and take the task of problem-solving, and investment in this issue, away from our clients.

“It has always been part of our ethos to take the pain out of running and sustaining a workspace for our clients, by taking care of the day to day for them.  We believe that our commitment to our COVID-19 response action plan only further supports that, addressing the safety measures required, and beyond, enabling us to take that worry and investment burden away from our clients.” – Amy Connaughton, Chief Operations Offer

Our new procedures and processes encourage physical distancing, employ higher levels of sanitisation, and improve the overall safety of our building users. These actions are an investment in our staff and members’ well-being and underpin our efforts to create a safe workspace for everyone.

This fifteen-point plan addresses and supports safety every step of the way from arrival to our buildings:


A queuing system at building entrances, where possible, ensures that people are entering the workspaces with a safe social distancing allowance between them. It also ensures queuing access to our thermal scanners for a more comfortable and safe experience for everyone.


Viruses can attach to shoes and remain infectious for several days. By passing over disinfectant mats at all of our entrances, virus-killing disinfectant cleanses the shoe sole and prevents any transfer to the building from the shoe, and therefore to others.

member entering the lennox building


Hand sanitisers will be placed at entrances and on walls throughout buildings, located in high traffic zones near bathrooms and main communal spaces with signage to encourage usage.


A touch-free health and safety measure at the entrance of our buildings, Thermal camera systems are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperature. Every person visiting our buildings must pass through the thermal scanner in order to gain access. This system will not only act as a health and safety measure but also create comfort for our staff and members through transparency.

members queuing at temperature scanner


Fixed signage and floor markings encouraging social distancing, safer use of spaces, one-way systems and hygiene care. Our buildings have been very carefully mapped out to create safely distanced interaction between members and staff where possible.


Mounted screens on reception desks ensure a safer working environment for both our members and staff. It is our focus to continue to provide the highest level of service in the safest working environment.


In addition to our daily cleans and regular deep cleans, we have increased frequency of cleaning and sanitisation across our buildings including regular cleaning checklists to be completed by onsite teams, prioritising an even higher level of cleanliness throughout all locations.


Where possible, foot push plates are installed on doors to reduce contact and transfer, while additional contact-free door openers will be provided for all staff and members.


These disposable workspace protectors are provided complimentary, in all locations, for use by members, guests and staff in meeting rooms and workspaces, protecting workspace surfaces and therefore, users. These must be disposed of (recycled) at the end of each day.

desk protectors


We will be increasing the fresh air supply and extract in buildings, where possible. This will be accompanied by increased maintenance to ensure maximum output at all times.


Provided for all members and staff, these health packs are designed to help create a safe workspace for members and staff. Containing a reusable face covering, personal hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and contact-free door opener. Contact-free door openers are suitable for contact-free use of elevators, door handles, keypads, and coffee machines.


A new coworking plan and procedure will be customised to each building to ensure efficiencies, safety and social distancing.


Lounges, break out and communal spaces will be reconfigured to allow for safe capacity levels and social distancing protocols.

socially distanced coworkers


Meeting rooms will be adjusted to ensure social distancing and safety, reducing capacity and adapting layouts accordingly.


These will optional, and complimentary, made available for visitors to buildings.

“All of our COVID 19 response protocols and systems are designed and implemented to help protect our members from the moment they enter the workspace. These have been carefully implemented across all of our locations, with each step of the process further supporting our drive to put the safety of our clients first, ensuring a positive client experience for our members.” – Eoin Joy, Chief Property Officer


We continue to honour our belief in placing people and service first, and while the way that we may do this has evolved, to create safer environments, we are committed to premium service for our members.
Adapting to the changes in our world, we have moved some of our services online. Our Iconic Community Events have become Iconic Virtual Events for now, and while we cannot hold events in person just yet, we can stay connected, virtually.

Our Iconic Virtual Events offer a variety of ways to keep fit, cultivate wellness, learn & upskill or simply have fun, and are all complimentary to our members. We have extended our events, free of charge, to our greater online social community during this time also, enabling more of us to stay connected. Find out more here.


Our flexible workspace solutions and the flexibility of our model enables businesses to scale, grow and adapt. Having the ability to be flexible and agile has enabled us to act swiftly, to support our members and their businesses. We would like to thank our members for their support, and persistence alongside us in this current situation.

Maintaining open and transparent communication with our members and staff is key to how we operate, and so any updates, changes or announcements will continue to be shared with our valued members and team first, before any external communications. While we outline our new processes and procedures here, more detailed guidance information on these new procedures will be made available to our members.

To our members and team, we want to thank you for your support, and persistence working along-side us in this current situation.

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