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Using stock photos is essential for nearly every business in some form or another, yet unfortunately many stock photo websites provide the same typical staged style of imagery. It’s this style of portraying over-exaggerated and cheesy photos that is becoming outdated and not to mention exhausted. But fortunately for us, beautifully shot stock images do infact exist! Growing in popularity, there is now a wide range of stock image sites to choose from and not only that, there’s an abundance that are absolutely free. We’ve selected our favourite free stock sites and listed them below which are both beautiful and creative in design.

Just a little note
Vast majority of images listed below fall under the Creative Commons CCO license, this means you can copy, modify, distribute and use for commercial or personal use. And whilst we’ve done our best to identify any imagery that may require attribution, we do advise you to double check any requirements before making use of these stock images.

1. Unsplash

This stock site provides a large catalogue of images to choose from and in a wide range of areas. They are all completely free and whilst accreditation isn’t required, it is encouraged. Unsplash is one of the more popular stock photo sites due to its stunning image selection and variety. Use the search box to easily source images related to your topic.

2. Pexels

Another site growing in popularity, Pexels provides a wide range of photos also, from business to landscapes. Find photos at ease with their search engine or browse the different categories available. Pexels does not require any attribution to the photographer and all images are free for personal and commercial use.

3. take pride in curating only the highest quality of photos available. Beautiful photos that are again, all free to use without a requirement for permission or attribution. Their strong suit is probably nature and wildlife, but there are plenty of gorgeous food photography shots available also.

4. Burst

Powered by Shopify, Burst provide stunning images that have a very natural look, steering very clear of the dreaded cheesy stock photos. These photos are all free to use, with many collections being created with entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind.

5. Gratisography

If you’re on the hunt for more artistic images then Gratisography could be the right place for you. These photos are more bold in design and are full of vibrant colours. With new photos added weekly, there’s a wide range to choose from yet their catalogue wouldn’t be quite as large as other sites listed.

6. Life of Pix

Whilst Life of Pix has collaborated with Adobe Stock, there are still a tonne of free images on their site to choose from and are kept separate to the Adobe images. Their website is nice and easy to use making searching for your images a piece of pie. You’ll find plenty of unique and beautiful images here.

7. Death to Stock Photos

Death to Stock Photos takes a slightly different approach by sending a selection of photos directly to you. Simply sign up with them and you will receive a stunning stock photo package straight to your inbox each month free of charge – however if you would rather have access to all photos at once you can upgrade to a premium account.

8. Pixabay

Pixabay wouldn’t necessarily be our favourite of the bunch however there are a few real gems on this site so it’s still worth a look. Majority of these photos are free to use however there are a few images unavailable for free but these are clearly watermarked.

9. Shot Stash

Even though there isn’t the widest selection to choose from, there is still a good range here. All royalty free, Shot stash‘s images can be used for personal and business use and they have some really nice ‘business’ and ‘people’ shots in particular.

10. FancyCrave

FrancyCrave are a little different in that they provide photo ‘packs’ as opposed to individual stock photos. They’re organised into categories eg. ‘Neon Night’ or ‘Palm Trees’ with approx 30 photos in each. They’ve also separated their images into Free and Premium so they’re easy to distinguish and filter. One downside to FancyCrave is the lack of a search bar however their image packs are stunning so definitely worth checking out.

11. Stockpic

With Stockpic, you will receive 10 new stock photos straight to your inbox every 2 weeks but you can also browse the large catalogue on the website. Very easy to download and free to be used in whatever way you please apart from redistribution, Stockpic are particularly good for holiday and summer fun photos.

12. Startup Stock Photos

This stock photo site was started with Startups in mind (as you may have guessed) so expect plenty of imagery with laptops, mobiles, brainstorming sessions, you get the gist… You’ll find a nice collection of photos here that will differ from the norm.

13. Jay Mantri

Some of the most stunning landscape and nature photos will be found on this site, these are breathtaking images and are all free to use for both commercial and personal purposes. One of our personal favourites.

14. Makerbook

If you’re really stuck for time, Makerbook could be the one for you. Makerbook works as a directory for a bunch of different stock photo site options, all in the one place. And they only choose the sites that provide free stock photos making it easier to browse.

15. Superfamous

Definitely not your typical stock photos. Superfamous provide incredibly beautiful imagery full of unusual textures and compositions. These would be ideal for background imagery or if looking for nature themed shots. Have a gawk either way to soak up the beauty.

16. Picjumbo

Picjumbo have a vast array of photos to choose from in all different categories and styles. You won’t be stuck for choice and you’ll be able to navigate very easily around the site. You can upgrade to a premium account, however there are 1000’s of free photos to choose from.

Organisation is key when running any business and fortunately for us, there’s an abundance of very helpful online tools that can be used to help keep us in line.


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