45min Sun Salutation Yoga Flow

Wednesday 11th November | 12:00pm


Surya namaskara otherwise known as Sun Salutation is one of the most complete practices of hatha yoga. Surya namaskara allows us to reach deeply awakening and circulating the sun’s healing power to restore a radiant body and cultivate a clear, calm, and tranquil mind. When practicing cycles of the sun salutation, you can fan your digestive fire, energise your nervous system, balance your energy flow, activate both the lower and upper extremities, and influence your mood.

Like other classic yoga asanas, the sun salutation is a gateway to entering your subtle body, tapping into your healing power, gaining vitality, and accelerating the process of rejuvenation. The deeper practice surya namaskara with mantra is much more profound and fulfilling than the physical level of practice alone.

Tara will bring you through a guided practice that will energise and bring light to your day.




Yoga Instructor

Tara O’Rourke is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She has completed advanced 500HR Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at The Yoga Room Dublin where she now teaches classes.Tara has a passion for supporting people in life’s challenges with wellness therapies, Yoga and Meditation. She also works with corporate clients and colleges teaching meditation and Yoga weekly. Her style of Yoga is anything from vinyasa flow derived from Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga. Classes are themed with elements of Yoga philosophy, pranayamaand asana practice and always concluding with a grounding restorative sequence.Tara set up her own wellness business Saol Beo where she offers holistic therapies, including Dr.Hauschka Treatments, Restorative treatments as well as nutrition advice and natural medicine including homeopathy.She ensures that all who attend her classes feel welcome and in good hands. She respects space and privacy and creates a space for attendees for exploration and restoration. Classes are suitable for those who have a yoga practice and also for those who are new to yoga.

Wednesday, 11th November | 12:00pm


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