Four Legged Friends:
Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2017

A wise man once said
I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but, I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person
 – Bill Murray


Office Dogs For Life

We’re big dog lovers at Iconic Offices. Have you met the boss, Jackson The Fun Director? He is such a key part of our crew we named our HQ office building, The Doghouse, in his honour along with the building logo taking direct inspiration from his handsome face.
He rules the roost here at HQ and ensures we get up from our desks and walked daily and get to enjoy all the great benefits of having a four legged friend around the office.


Our Four Legged Friends Make Work “Home”

Speaking of benefits, you have probably read numerous times about the benefits of bringing dogs into the workplace and this is something we strongly agree on. What better way to make your workplace feel like a home from home, than bringing your furry four-legged family member into work for the day (you will be surprised at how much more popular you become for a start).

We love that members within our space bring their pooches into the office to visit and work alongside them all the time, so, this year when DogsTrust rolled out their promo for Bring Your Dog To Work Day, we were straight on to sign up.  Check out some handsome shots we captured on the day (our members don’t look half bad either).

  • Bring-Your-Dog-To-Work-Day-2017_Iconic-Offices_
  • Bring-YOur-Dog-To-Work-Day-2017_Iconic-Offices_-Jackson

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