How A Coworking Community:
Can Help Your Startup

After working in a startup for 4 years, I can tell you that startup life can be an isolated experience. You’ve forgone the traditional route to make a difference and forge your own path.  Along this journey, you are convincing more people to join your vision, but that day to day comradery and support can be missing. The beauty of the collective industry of startups and indeed entrepreneurs is the community, particularly in Dublin during this thriving entrepreneurial time. Shared experiences and indeed visions, create commonality among personalities. Co-working spaces, industry meetups or even investment led initiatives can lead to the creation of connections, networks, and experiences. So why buy into the concept of community in a startup space?

shared experiences
The true benefit of a community is sharing similar experiences in a similar space. In the nature of startups, it may be relating to financing, expansion, initial tech which can accelerate productivity and more. All can have a value when it comes to those early chapters in a companies story, also the value of group think here can be huge. The nature of the personalities involved and their entrepreneurial tendencies means 1 + 1 can definitely make 3.

the network effect
John Donne once wrote, ‘No man is an island’, this is incredibly true when it comes to start-ups. Dublin, in particular, is so small that building up a network through local communities can help you navigate your way through a number of hurdles relatively quickly. A quick google will bring up local networking opportunities or indeed startup communities which by their nature are very welcoming.

there’s strength in numbers
Simply put, humans like company. Startups can in some cases inhibit this primal need. Communities counter this by making it all about company. Simple social interaction can stimulate thought processes, enable creativity and most definitely just be an outlet for mental health. What is important is being open to what you’ll find within the community, it’s very much a case of getting out what you put in.

honest feedback
In a world where ‘everything is awesome’, sometimes it can be hard to get constructive critical feedback, this is where communities within the startup ecosystem can be a huge asset. Entrepreneurs by their nature are dynamic, driven, innovative and critical thinkers. They also know they are dealing with their own livelihood. This makes them an incredibly useful voice when it comes to product or strategy feedback. When trust is obtained and the gloves are off they can relate to the problems/fears of other founders, making it a hugely beneficial aspect of the community.

Written by Andrew Kilgallon, Senior Online Community Manager at Iconic Offices

Andrew (aka “cheeks” – have you seen those dimples?) is the man behind our online community.
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