How To Survive Work:
After A Festival

With Body & Soul having taken place over the weekend, you’re bound to need some R&R over the coming days to beat the festival blues. If you weren’t one of the smart (and smug) people who booked a day or two off from work to recover, have a read of our top tips on surviving and striving in the office after a mad couple of days…

get organised
Stick on the washing machine, iron your work attire and do a food shop to make the week ahead less painful. There’s nothing worse than having to face a minging bag of muddy clothes or an empty fridge after a long day at the office.

get over yourself
It’s natural to feel a bit sorry for yourself but you have to man/woman up. Fill up on a good breakfast, put on your favourite Spotify playlist on your commute and get on with it. Chances are you’ll have a work buddy who you met at the campsite covered in glitter so you can support each other in this time of need. Strength in numbers!

treat yo’self
If you have some spare cash, book a massage or get your nails done this week to give you a boost. If you’re broke (which is most likely), bring the spa to your sitting room by buying a facemask and putting on some meditation music. Trust us, it can work wonders!

Chances are you were too busy dancing to drink enough H2O over the weekend. Make sure to bring a big empty 2 litre bottle to work and fill it up at the water cooler each morning to get your 8 glasses a day at your desk.

eat well
You most likely spent most of the weekend gorging on garlic cheese fries and snacking on junk food. Now, it’s time to replenish your body. Try to eat high protein meals with lots of fruit and vegetables to get you back on track.

It may sound a little crazy and it will probably be the LAST thing you feel like doing, but some light exercise will get those endorphins flowing and will help you sweat out all of those toxins.

Try to get off your phone after 9pm each night.  Grab a book instead to help you catch up on some Z’s. Your body needs time to make up for the hours lost to raving in the woods.

have something to look forward to
If you’re feeling a bit dishevelled or demotivated, distract yourself. Organise a night out with the lads or gals for the following weekend that doesn’t involve a lot of booze. You’ll have a bit of craic and will be feeling fresh before you know it.

learn from your mistakes
Keep a day or two of annual leave and book them off after next year’s festival. Sometimes the best medicine is a duvet day with your favourite Netflix series.

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