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Sam McGuinness | Fresh Fit Apparel

“Regular fitness & lifestyle clothing never gave me the feeling I was looking for,

so I decided to create my own.”

Fresh Fit Apparel was established in 2016, designed by young Irish entrepreneur Sam McGuinness, a creative fitness enthusiast with a BIG passion for clothing. The Signature range was launched in January 2017, focusing on fresh clean lines and monochrome block colours bringing a sophisticated look to quality apparel. Fresh Fit Apparel designs sustainable active wear, created to be worn inside and outside the gym. It is no longer just active wear… it is a lifestyle.

We spoke to Sam to delve into the mind of a young entrepreneur, how he came upon his new apparel venture… and to get some much-needed fitness tips just in time for summer of course!

Sam McGuinness – Fresh Fit Apparel Entrepreneur

Why did you feel a shared workspace is the right fit for you/your company? I am a social person and I enjoy the interaction of a coworking space. Also, I must compliment specifically the decor of The Brickhouse, which both flows well and is interesting to the eye.

What would be your Top 3 Tips for anyone looking to start up their own company?
i) Find your passion. If every job paid €500 a week and you could do any job, what would you want to do with your time?

ii) Create a plan of action! Consider the things that you need to do, the people that you need to talk to, do some research around the industry that you are going to launch into and start getting a feel for what it will be like to be running a business in that industry. This will give you great insight into what to expect in the early days.

iii) Start – Paralysis by analysis is a real creative killer. Believe in your intuition and calculate your plan of action and just go for it. It is the only way to learn. There are no game winners on the side-line.

What would be your advice to your 18-year-old self, compared to what you know now?
Try more things, you have all the time in the world to make mistakes and learn.
Think of the long-term plan. My only regret is that I didn’t start my own journey sooner.


What are you working on right now? Sourcing of sustainable materials.

What do you need to reach the next level? Exposure in the UK market

Favourite lunch haunt? Staple Foods.

What is the soundtrack to your coworking life? Stormzy – Big for your boots.

Favourite after-work haunt? Flyefit Macken Street.

The Best thing about your building? The Atmosphere.

What do you love most about your job? The freedom to be creative.

Are you looking to collaborate with anyone? Rob Lipset, Conor Mcgregor, Roz Purcell.

 What do you need to reach the next level in your role or company?  I’ll have to ask my boss 😉

Who would you most like to work with? I like to work with anyone who is passionate about their work and industry.

What are your most Iconic moments to date?

Collaborating with LovinDublin who also work in The Brickhouse on a fitness campaign that was rolled out to their 2 million viewers.



Best Healthy Lunch Spot:

Staple Foods have the best salads. They are a  good size portion, flavoured with the ingredients of the dish so no need for extra dressing and Super Fresh.

Two inspiring fitness instagram accounts to follow: @Train_mean_stay_lean | @Kavbyrne

Best kept Gym Haven: The squat rack section in FlyeFit Baggot Street.

Best New Brand Of Fitness Apparel: Fresh Fit.

Best Community Gym: Crossfit Swords.

Best Meal Prep Company: Hapi Food.



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