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Iconic Members Series:
Rowena Doyle | Visual Sense

“We believe consistency is key to creating a wonderful customer experience and no detail escapes my attention.”

Rowena Doyle_Visual Sense_Iconic OfficesRowena Doyle founded Visual Sense back in 2011, bringing 15 years of experience working with retail brands in Ireland such as Arnott’s, Bestseller Group and David Jones. Rowena leads a team of creative, hardworking professionals who are dedicated to providing a high-quality bespoke service to the Irish Retail Industry. They use their expertise and industry knowledge to design and create customer focused campaigns. Their hands-on approach means Visual Sense can get to the core of what is the right creative direction for businesses in today’s highly competitive retail industry. We spoke to Rowena to find out the inner workings of a visual retail guru in the second part of our ‘Iconic Members Series’:

Iconic Offices_Coworking_Iconic Member Series

Tell us a bit about your company?
Visual Sense creates visual merchandising solutions for the retail industry.

How long has your business or organisation been operating?
Five Years.

What is your role?

What problem is your idea, business, or organisation solving?
We are a cost-effective way for retailers to hire a creative team to collaborate with their internal design teams to bring forward new ideas to enhance their customer experience.

How many people work in your business or organisation?
Four and counting!!!!

How do you think you will benefit from working in a coworking environment?
I have always wanted to co-work – I worked for bestseller over 9 years ago and their HQ in Denmark had open plan space with breakout areas.  I remember thinking it was the coolest place ever and the vibe was infectious, you were always left feeling inspired. That was where the idea stemmed from for coming to The Brickhouse…. so my team and I could be inspired every day by the environment and people around us.

Why did you feel a shared workspace is the right fit for you/your company?
We are a small business so it is more cost effective for one and we all can’t sit still for long so if you want to move around you can.

What would be your Top 3 Tips for anyone looking to start up their own company?
i) Be prepared for failure and just get used to it.
ii) Look after yourself.
iii) Don’t let anyone ever tell you can’t do it. Have a good circle of people around you.

What would be your advice to your 18-year-old self, compared to what you know now?
Don’t worry about your leaving cert, you won’t ever talk about it again and you will be successful anyway and stop smoking behind the gym hall, go to the class!


What are you working on right now?
We are working on a strategic design project; we are creating new store layouts to improve the customer experience for a client.

What do you need to reach the next level?
Improved cash flow, the retail industry to be more stable and someone to invent a coffee drip that you can just attach to yourself and never run low.

Favourite lunch haunt?
Cocu or Sprout & Co.

What is the soundtrack to your coworking life?
I am writing this to the sound of tacky Hot Hits UK. I listen to a lot of dance when I am working… my dad wouldn’t approve as we were brought up on the good stuff.

Favourite after-work haunt?
Pilates Class, being outdoors or my bed, (I know it is supposed to be a pub but I don’t drink very much and when I do I am a light weight)

The Best thing about your building?
The Painting of the bubble gum girl and I am a bit obsessed with the cinema seating area.

What are your most Iconic moments to date?
Waking up in the Great Barrier Reef and swimming with dolphins in 2008, discovering the flat white in 2015, and making it through a 6-hour hike of the Samaria gorge in 2016.

What do you love most about your job?
I love not having a set routine.

Are you looking to collaborate with anyone?
We are looking to collaborate with digital agencies on upcoming retail projects.



“We believe consistency is key to creating a wonderful customer experience and no detail escapes my attention.”

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