Iconic Offices – Amsterdam – Celebrating 2016 – Excited For 2017!

That Was An Amazing 2016

After an incredible year of growth in both square footage and team members, Iconic Offices CEO (Joe McGinley) and CCO (Althaea Federlein) decided to thank everyone for their hard work and celebrate it all in one of the quirkiest and most open minded cities in the world – Amsterdam. With hyper growth and establishing Iconic culture, they felt this was the perfect place. Not only were we all excited for this amazing Iconic Christmas weekender, we were equally ecstatic to be a part of something fresh, young and driven.

Amsterdam Here We Come

It was a mild December morning, everything was as it seemed around our beloved city. Little did the public know; Iconic team were buzzing with excitement and sleep deprived from packing the night before. What do I wear? How cold is cold in Amsterdam – Irish weather cold or just cold? What if Ryanair charge me a whopper fine because my cabin luggage is deemed too big? The panicked messages were flying around during the run up to the big Iconic trip – but really there was nothing to worry about. Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING was organized – Itinerary and all. We simply needed to show up with our passport in hand and a positive attitude.

It’s 12pm – our out of office notice is switched on and we gather in The Wilde. The sound of the beer tap being pulled can be heard as we all grab a festive pint from the kitchen and make our way to The Regent, a beautiful meeting space just big enough to hold 26 of us for a short presentation along with T&C’s for the weekend. The adrenaline is starting to build and we can’t seem to contain it anymore. Two private buses pull up and off we go on our merry way to the airport with our Iconic black Santa hats worn proudly.

First Stop Art’Otel

Everything is a breeze so far.  We hit some minor bumps with missing luggage but we all make it in one piece to a wacky and intriguing hotel aptly named Art’otel. It eventually dawns on most of us those are not giant statues of floating tadpoles outside our hotel room. Before we leave the hotel, we decided to surprise Joe with a presentation and poke a little fun at him in the most endearing way possible. We will reveal this in time so watch this space. From there we make our way to our first pit stop of the night – Bar Huff, the best burger joint in Amsterdam.


Some chair dancing singalongs to a savage playlist in this eclectic burger spot – we were a cheery bunch to say the least! Next stop a Pirate Themed Ice bar – The Extra Cold Ice Bar, Amsterdam. Need we say more? Here we accomplished a very important team activity – The Mannequin challenge –  in an Ice bar and we smashed it in just 2 takes. Who else would be willing to stand as still as us when it’s -9 degrees? The night continues but we won’t go into too much detail. After all, what happens in The Dam – stays in The Dam.



Some sore heads the following morning but we pull ourselves together for day 2 – Ice skating at Ice Amsterdam. The brave ones went for it while the more tender ones made way to the bar next door. A truly Iconic takeover with a conga line!

Moving on we are determined to battle through the thousands of tourists and get our Iconic crew photo taken at the infamous “I Amsterdam” sign. Mission accomplished.


As we wind down for the afternoon, we break off into smaller groups to explore this fascinating city, and we must say, it’s a breathtaking and vibrant place – we could not have been more exhilarated on this trip.

You could get lost in this city and be content, but ALAS,  we are tight for time now and everyone reconvenes in the hotel bar. Dinner on a boat while it slowly makes it’s way around the canals of Amsterdam to bask in the Amsterdam Light Festival. This was one of the genuine highlights of the entire weekend and we highly recommend it. Cruising through the most exciting city in Europe in even better company. Bonds were being formed and Iconic crew had now become an Iconic family. Moving off the boat cruise, we head straight to the next bar before hitting the Amsterdam nightlife


That obviously cannot be done without singing (more like belting) the cheery Fairytales of New York to other unamused guests. Carrying on!

Jimmy Woo’s is where it’s at! A few wrong turns here and there but we make it as a group and we start off with some celebratory champagne to toast the future of Iconic and the innovative projects of 2017. This was a cheers to our current Iconic crew and our future colleagues, hoping when they join us, they will believe in Iconic as much as we do.

We reflect back on the outstanding growth of Iconic, it’s been a pretty impressive year. Two new buildings (our biggest to date), 15 new staff members, countless new roll outs and projects, we have just continued to build on the success we had in 2015. To top it off we have had some good fun and great achievements along the way – The Wilde launch party, completion of the biggest ever P2P Lending Campaign in Ireland to date with Linked Finance and Amsterdam of course –  to name a few!

2017 is going to be a very exciting year for us all,  starting with launch of our own brand new HQ “The Doghouse” in January, followed closely by two even bigger buildings in Q1, launching us into our Coworking and Hot-desking models. With this planned level of growth we are continuously on the look out for new Iconic Crew members to join us on this exciting journey. Should you be interested, keep an eye out on our social media channels for announcements or watch for new job postings on our careers page. Let’s do this 2017 – we’re ready!

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