Iconic Offices Are Shortlisted For
Fit Out Awards 2017

“We break down walls so we can breakthrough in our business!”


The Iconic Offices team received very exciting news this week when we heard that not one, not two but THREE of our Iconic Offices have been shortlisted for the Fit Out Awards 2017.

The three offices shortlisted are The Brickhouse, The Doghouse and South Point –  and to say we’re thrilled would be an understatement!

Each office has its own very unique personality; South Point has a beautiful elegance and purity about it, The Brickhouse couldn’t be more different with it’s bold colours and modern furniture. And then we have the Dog House which is a mix of old & new, situated in a beautiful Georgian building. We have modernised the interior with quirky features such as graffiti on the walls and neon signs, yet also ensuring the overall essence of the historic building remains intact.

IconicOffices_SouthPoint_Coworking Dublin_045

At Iconic Offices it is of utmost importance that the employees and members feel happy, comfortable and at home while at work. We firmly believe your office surroundings play a massive role in your overall productivity. Employees should want to be there and not be counting down the minutes until it’s time to head home!

Iconic Offices The BrickHouse Coworking Dublin

Discovering what type of space works for your business is a journey and the relativity is that it will evolve over time as the business changes.”

IconicOffices_SouthPoint_Coworking Dublin_028

Open floor plans, unique furniture and spacious surroundings all help to add to the overall concept of the dynamic design. Not only will your employees be more productive (as mentioned above) but your retention rates will be far higher and you’ll also attract the most skilled and qualified recruits in future.

IconicOffices The BrickHouse Kitchen 4

“At the moment, we custom build about 50% of our fit outs, and we’ve just done a deal with a new furniture manufacturer, so about 80% of our buildings moving forward will be all handmade.” – Joe McGinley CEO at Iconic Offices.

The Doghouse Kitchen before & after.

It’s not all about expensive furniture and ping pong tables. The focus is on refining your company’s culture and ensuring that your team are truly engaged. This culture then needs to filter down into the work-space design, the functionality of the space and the employer needs to ensure that the space meets the needs of its staff.

Interested in finding out more? You can also check out the latest addition to Iconic Offices ever growing collection, The Greenway. Located on one of the most iconic landmarks in Dublin city centre, The Greenway is a stone’s throw from the beautiful St Stephen’s Green park.

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