Iconic Weekly Recommendations: Cheer, The Daily Stoic & More

After what seems to be a lifetime of working from home and the potential return to the office looming on the horizon nobody can blame you for needing a little inspiration to regain that pep in your step.

So, here are this week’s Iconic Weekly Recommendations from the world of books, Netflix, and podcasts to help you recapture your motivation and get that productivity mindset back in gear.  


James Dyson worked through 5,126 failed prototypes before he succeeded in engineering the design that made him one of the wealthiest business people in the world; Sir David Brailsford became one of the most celebrated cycling coaches in British history coaching teams to multiple Olympic and Tour de France victories by focusing on one significant component in training; and in 2019 there was one fatal accident involving a large commercial passenger plane for every 5.58 million flights worldwide. All of this was achieved by doing one thing: focusing on failure and learning from it.  

Matthew Syed takes a deep dive into the world of highly performing businesses, industries, and athletes to investigate the importance of learning from – and oftentimes seeking out – failure in the search for success. This is a must read for all innovators, business leaders, and anyone looking to succeed in their respective field.

After his meteoric rise in the marketing industry Ryan Holiday chose to share some of the teachings that got him there and in tandem with Hanselman the Daily Stoic was born.  

The Daily Stoic is a collection of classical wisdom and with each turning of the page comes another daily lesson from Stoic thinkers and philosophers such as Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus. Each ‘thought for the day’ will only take 2-minutes to read and  coupled with Holiday and Hanselman’s take on how to apply it in a modern world  is aimed at setting out your thought process for the day ahead. 

Stoic thinking has seen a resurgence in recent years and has been dubbed as the secret weapon behind Super Bowl victories of the New England Patriots, successful business ventures such as Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, and even Bill Clinton’s Presidency. For anyone looking for a little guidance to focus the mind this book is a must have.  


Abstract follows a different creative visionary in each episode and gives us a unique behind the scenes look at all the ups and downs along the journey that goes into creating an artistic masterpiece. This series is great for getting those creative juices flowing but more importantly it gives us a look into the process of individual artists setting out on some of their biggest projects.  

For example, the most recent season of this creative and art heavy docuseries gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes at Instagram and how they have created a social media behemoth, the small intricacies and details that go into creating a new font and typeface, and how children’s toys are being designed to resemble nothing that we would have ever seen as a kid

If this series doesn’t have you jumping out of bed and back-flipping into your work clothes, we don’t know what will. The six-part series follows the cheer team from Navarro College, Texas and their formidable coach and mother figure Monica Aldama.  

The athleticism, dedication, and hard work from this university cheer team is inspiring to say the least and shows that it isn’t just pom-poms and cheesy grins anymore. If you’re looking for a feel good and emotional rollercoaster with a competitive edge this is the series for you.


New York Times journalist and host Michael Barbaro brings a new bite sized chunk of news to your headphones every morning and is essential listening for anyone looking to keep up with what is going on around the world. Episodes average at around 30-minutes per story so they serve as an ideal commuter listen to kick start your brain.

Now after all that productivity talk and seeking to regain that focus for your return to work, here’s our top suggestion for switching off at the end of the day. Sleepy is packed full of your favourite classical fiction and  read by host Otis Grey  this podcast is made solely for you to fall asleep to.  

From Alice in Wonderland to Moby Dick to The Jungle Book, Grey’s relaxing voice is sure to take your mind on a journey to relaxation and send you off to a night of deep sleep. 

Staying focused on your tasks, goals and mission is vital to your success. However, it is often a lot easier said than done – especially in today’s world with all its distractions and interruptions. Continue reading for a list of some tips you can incorporate to help you boost your productivity and prevent distractions from damaging your progress.

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