Iconic Weekly Recommendations: For Business Minds

Working towards any entrepreneurial goal requires hundreds upon hundreds of hours of learning and there’s no better way to learn than to study the people who have already walked your desired path to success 

So here are this week’s Iconic Weekly Recommendations from the world of books, Netflix and podcasts to read, watch and listen to some words of wisdom from some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs. 


Holiday aimed to expose the behind the scenes interactions between online media personalities, public relations departments and marketers. Documenting some of his dirtier tricks while working for clients including authors Tucker Max and Robert Greene and his successful stint at American Apparel, Holiday pulls away the curtain to show us how to use the nuances of the system to our advantage if we were inclined to do so.  

Drumming up business and publicity for his clients was Holiday’s mission and his creativity and gung-ho mentality towards marketing will serve as an inspiration to anyone with an interest into the inner workings of the marketing and public relations spheres.  

Since its publication, the book quickly became a mainstay on marketing and public relations courses around the world and is a must read for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to find innovative ways to create publicity for their business or product. 

McCormack draws on his decades of experience in representing some of the biggest names in sporting history to put together this essential handbook for anyone looking to start their own business or looking to learn about the minute details that go into building your name, brand, and business.
The founder and former chairman of International Management Group, now IMG, fills the gaps between a business school education and the realities of day-to-day business and the skills he writes about are easily transferable to any environment.  

McCormack offers real world advice on handling the human interactions that form the foundation to any business deal while employing some lesser known or appreciated tricks of the trade to deliver in the business world and – most importantly – the skills needed to execute your entrepreneurial vision. 


The Defiant Ones follows the rise and rise and rise of the dynamic duo behind the building of Beats by Dre, the headphone behemoth that was bought by Apple in 2014. Founded by music producer and rapper Dr. Dre and Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine the business was always – on the face of it – going to flourish as a result of the determination and innovation from its two co-founders. 

Through interviews with the two co-founders, along with some of the biggest names in the history of music, the most valuable lesson that any business owner could learn from this series is the inevitability of failure in one’s career. Beats became Beats because of these failures and is one thing that both men have learned to accept. Their unwillingness to let their past failures determine who they will be and what direction they are going to work in is something that anyone, in any line of work, could learn a valuable lesson from.   

Now we turn to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in our lifetime: Bill Gates. The former CEO of Microsoft and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation serves as a guiding light for many an entrepreneur and this series is the first of its kind for Gates.  

The three-part documentary follows Gates as he seeks to improve sanitation in the developing world, eradicating polio in Nigeria and his search for solutions to climate change.  

Alongside his projects for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the series also documents his formative years and what led to the formation of Microsoft. It is in these clips where we can learn what went into making Gates who he is today. From his never-ending thirst for knowledge to his incredible work ethic to his ferocious pursuit to give back to the community, many valuable skills can be learned from Gates and applied to any entrepreneurial endeavor. 


The Pitch takes us behind thboardroom doors and gives us a fly on the wall look at how a business pitch really plays out. This Dragon’s Den styles podcast gives us a sneak peek at start-up pitches from the brilliant to the downright disastrous 

But, most importantly, the show seeks to tell the full story of the pitches themselves with sometimes a play-by-play commentary from the narrator, follow up interviews with the entrepreneurs themselves, and the most beneficial section, we get to listen in on the thoughts of the investors when the entrepreneur leaves the room. 

For anyone looking to prepare for a presentation or pitch for your business, this podcast on Spotify and from the team at Gimlet Media, will serve as a valuable learning tool to brush up on and perfect the things that your potential investors will be looking for. 

From the makers of Planet Money comes another must listen for any entrepreneur looking to learn from the best out there. Presenter Guy Raz sits down with trailblazers from every industry you could think of to learn about their current business ventures and the path that brought them to their current positions of today 

He speaks with Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield the founders of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to find out how they grew from a small ice cream shop in Vermont to become one of the most iconic ice-cream brands in the world. He also learns about Eventbrite founder Julia Hartz and how along with her co-founder grew the online ticketing service from its origins in a warehouse closet to a publicly-traded company with 1,100 employees worldwide. 

Raz has turned focus in recent months and created the Resilience Series to chat to business leaders about how they are navigating their businesses through these uncertain times. Founders of Headspace Andy Puddicome and Rich Pierson chat to Guy about how they are coping with transitioning their business to remote working and Alli Webb founder of Drybar on why investing time into your fashion and beauty during this time of not going out is as important as ever.  

Staying focused on your tasks, goals and mission is vital to your success. However, it is often a lot easier said than done – especially in today’s world with all its distractions and interruptions. Continue reading for a list of some tips you can incorporate to help you boost your productivity and prevent distractions from damaging your progress.

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