Iconic Weekly Recommendations: Sports Edition

Earlier this month we saw the return of Premiership football to our screens as well as Super Rugby back to New Zealand. With the return of the NBA in July and the Champions League soon after in August all lovers of sport are sure to be getting very excited.

So, this week’s Iconic Weekly recommendations come from the world of sport with books, series and podcasts that are sure to help fill that void until you can get back to cheering on your favourite team and player. 


For all you runners out there, if you haven’t done so already, this is a must read. This story was born out of McDougall’s quest to find a cure for a years old running injury that takes us on an adventure across a continent to discover different cultures, ways of life and the sport of long-distance running. He does this with the help of his guide Caballo Blanco, a mysterious loner who lived among the Tarahumara tribe.  

The story retells McDougall’s journey into the wilds of Mexico’s Copper Canyon in search of the Tarahumara Indian’s. Famed for their prowess over ultra-marathon length distances and serene lifestyle, the tribes perspectives on running are sure to teach every athlete a thing or two and upend some long-held beliefs on what an athlete actually is. 

Anyone with any interest in sport in recent years is sure to have heard of the US Women’s National Soccer Team and unfortunately probably more so due to the actions they have had to take off the fieldDespite their undoubted domination in the sport, the three-time winners of the World Cup and four-time Olympic gold medalists, still must endure crippling inequality in the sports world and have had to take their fight as far as the White House to try and rectify it 

Murray takes us on a journey into the world of women’s soccer in the US and shines a light on the low pay, poor opportunities and even poorer playing conditions that the game faces. This is a story of a beloved team that has brought women’s soccer to the fore in the US against all odds. It is a story of victory in the face of adversity. More importantly, it is a story that will inspire millions and educate many more.  


The Last Dance takes us behind the scenes of the world beating Chicago Bulls of the 90s, NBA’s biggest names of the decade and some of the even bigger game day battles of Michael Jordan’s careerJordan walks us through some of the defining moments of his career and with exclusive interviews from the likes of Scottie Pippin, Dennis Rodman, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama we get a taste of how influential his sporting career was for so many.  

Not only do we get input from the people who surrounded Jordan during his playing days but more importantly from the man himself. The Last Dance is an honest, self-reflective, and laid-bare story of Jordan’s determination and spirit, but most of all, the competitive nature that made him into one of the biggest sports stars to have ever lived.  

As the Last Dance was all about the winners, this series – as the title suggests – is about the not so successful. Losers takes a look at sports stars from boxing, to golf, to curling from a different perspective and tells us the stories of starts in their respective fields who just couldn’t make that final leap to victory.  

However, this honest and touching series shows us the people who turned a loss into some very personal victories and forces us to reconsider how we view victory in sport. Does victory really have to be defined by the medals around your neck or can personal victory outweigh that podium finish?  


Covering all facets of sport – mixed in with a heavy helping of sporting anecdotes and humour – the lads from Off the Ball are always an educational force for when you want to learn the lingo to bluff your way through the next big live game. 

Whether you’re sports mad or just a passing observer, Off the Ball is as good as it gets when looking to quench that thirst for sport. The show is a one stop shop for all sports news, covering everything from soccer to GAA and rugby to boxing with contributions from experts in every sport. A must listen for anyone looking to keep up-to-date with the goings on of their chosen sport. 

Sky Sports rugby pundit Alex Payne and ex-England international James Haskell team up to present everything rugby in this always humorous and oftentimes quite emotional look at the world of rugby. The duo has had the chance to chat to big names such as Matt Giteau and Rory Best to talk about their illustrious rugby careers. 

However, the stand out episode in recent weeks is the show’s interview with Welsh referee Nigel Owens. The superstar referee has gained a cult following from sports fans across the board and here he shares stories about his first forays in rugby and how his coming out as the first openly gay referee in rugby propelled him to the top of his game 

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