Inbound Marketing 101 with HubSpot

For the third installment of our lunch series we invited guest speaker Lisa Toner, Senior Manager and Content Strategist of the Sales Division for HubSpot in. With more and more marketers wanting to learn how to grow their leads we realised this was an important talk for the community, and there was only one company to go to to educate the community on this hot topic… HubSpot.
Lisa broke a complicated topic into bite sized chunks and really informed us on some key areas to narrow our marketing focuses on and how to improve what some of us are already working on. In case you missed some of these points, here are the key takeaways.

1) The old playbook is broken.

What worked previously no longer works. More and more people skip TV ads, they unsubscribe from email lists, 20% of people don’t open direct mail…ever! This means it’s very difficult to get to talk to a potential lead and if you do succeed, you are potentially interrupting them at the wrong time of their day.

2) In the world of digital, people crave content

Content is king, people are in desperate need to read and view content on a daily basis. Be it blog posts, photos or videos, people are engaging more and more, so in being able to optimise these sources enables you to engage with relevant traffic at the time users are most interested in learning more about your offering.

The biggest problem with outbound marketing is that it fights for people’s attention by interrupting them

LISA TONER, Senior Manager and Content Strategist of the Sales Division @ HubSpot

3) Who do you create content for?

Do you know who your business buyer personas are? And what do you know about them? A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer. Knowing your persona is vital when devising your content strategy to increase inbound leads. Ensure your content is in-line with the relevant persona.

4) More Content = More Leads

We’re not saying produce more and more, we’re talking about more relevant content to fit your persona which your audience will find interesting. Optimising content and landing pages towards the personas searches, with relevant call-to-actions to generate the inbound lead is key. If your persona is only at the attract stage of the funnel and doesn’t complete a CTA, then you can simply retarget to them across digital platforms encouraging them to come back and inbound.

group project


Everyone loves a good buzz word but one of the latest is SMARKETING. This is the collaboration between the sales and marketing teams. Working with the sales team will help educate marketing on the leads they are trying to engage with and what they are looking for in a qualified lead. It will also inform marketing which inbound marketing campaigns are working and more importantly… not working.

6) Useful HubSpot Tools (Free & Paid)

Generally we don’t like plugging products but with Hubspots ‘freemium’ model and it being such a useful tool we made an exception. Here are a few takeaway free products that can instantly impact your sales and inbound marketing functions.

  • HubSpot Sales – Email Tracker – see who opens and clicks your email
  • HubSpot Sales – Content & Reporting – Learn what content works and doesn’t work
  • HubSpot Sales – Arrange Meetings – simply by providing a calendar to lead
  • HubSpot Sales – Sequences automate your follow up mails. This is a paid feature with the pro package.

Learn more about the tools and the impact they can have on helping your brand get started on building an incredible inbound marketing strategy.

If you’re part of the Iconic Offices community and have not yet attended one of our events, check out what you’re missing out on below.

Inbound Marketing 101

with Lisa Toner, HubSpot

About the Author

Lisa Toner, Iconic Collaborator

Senior Manager and Content Strategist of the Sales Division at HubSpot

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