Meet Our Talented Finalists, Part 2:The Brickhouse Art Competition

Meet The Finalists: Part 2

In “Meet Our Talented Finalists, Part 1” we  spoke with 6 of our talented finalists from Dublin’s NCAD and IADT colleges about their inspirations, their work and why they decided to get involved in our competition. With just over a week until the final event night of the competition, we speak to the other 5 finalists about their stories, in this, part 2 of “Meet Our Talented Finalists”.

The Background
The Brickhouse is a space designed to nurture talent and entrepreneurship in the city, giving smaller businesses and freelancers an opportunity to have a base, a place they’re proud to bring potential investors, where they can build their brand and be inspired by the space and people around them. For this reason, when we began to put design plans together for this space, we knew we wanted some kick-ass art work on our walls to get those creative juices flowing. With this in mind, what better way to nurture a workspace for up and coming businesses than with walls of art from up and coming artists, rising young art students from Dublin’s NCAD and IADT colleges. And so, The Brickhouse – Art Competition was born. The support from the colleges has been fantastic, spreading the word of the competition to their talented students.

We worked with a strong judging panel with expertise across varying aspects of art and design, who together, offered a balanced opinion – Roisin Lafferty MD of Kingston Lafferty Design, Urban Artist James Early and Creative director of Brown Thomas John Redmond, an artist himself. In March this year, the judging panel chose the finalists and we handed over funds with some paint supplies by Fleetwood Paints to let the magic happen.


Joanne Harold Iconic Offices The Brickhouse Art CompetitionJoanne Harold
Lusk, Co. Dublin
2nd Year Visual Arts Practice IADT 
Reason for entering the competition:
I am always eager to expand my practice and to be involved in new projects. I was enticed by the prospect of contributing a lasting piece to this unique venture.
Website/ Social Media: Instagram: @joanneharoldartist

Art Style: My work focuses on the exploration of new mediums and techniques. Ranging from meticulous detail to considered repetition, my work is characterised by versatility and a detail oriented approach to subject matter. Currently volunteering with RHA Gallery, other recent collaborations include Boarders (Fumbally Exchange Dublin) Dublin Canvas; A Fair Land (IMMA); Stable Immages (IMMA); Statecraft (IMMA); and Fighting Words, Dublin.

Inspiration Behind The Art: I have always been inspired by Alice Maher’s work, who’s versatility has strongly influenced my own practice.

Goals for the future: I would like to continue to work on a wide range of projects and further develop my practice.

Music to (art) work to: Swing & Electro


Kevin Mernagh Roche
Enniscorthy, Wexford
National College of Art and Design, Fine Art Painting and Education
Website/ Social Media: Facebook: @kevinrocherpainter
Reason for entering the competition:
I decided to enter The Brickhouse Art Competition as I thought it was time to try and put my artwork into the world. The competition asked for unique, unusual pieces and I was proud of the piece I entered with and thought it was something that would gain an interest & be a discussion piece for anyone viewing it.

Art Style: Currently I would say my art style isn’t any one thing as I am still in college. I put emphasis on process, experimentation and on asking questions about the modern art world. I kind of like to say that I’m a painter who doesn’t paint, but asks questions through my work.

Inspiration Behind The Art: Quite simply I look to Avant Garde movements of the twentieth century, in particular to the Italian Avant Garde movement led by Lucio Fontana, Concetto Spaziale (Spatial Concept) and the Space Age Aesthetic. I also look to Art Povera in terms of the materials I use.

Goals for the future: Right now I am preparing for an exhibition with my fellow 2nd year paint students in two weeks. Then over the summer I plan to further my investigation with my self-imposed questions on painting and then see what follows.


Tess Muldoon
IADT, 3rd Year in 2D
Reason for entering the competition: 
We were all sent an email from our tutor and I looked it up. I’m really shy when it comes to showing my work but being in third year I decided I had to try and get over that a bit, so I applied , definitely not thinking I would hear back , but I did and I’m delighted:).

Art Style: I wouldn’t say I have a particular style, I’m constantly learning and trying to push myself to try new things. The body and emotions is always something which I have Al have had a huge interest in everybody has them but they act in different ways and I find that really interesting.

Inspiration Behind The Art: Everyday people inspire me, what are other people thinking and how are we all connected . The mind is a crazy thing and everyone’s is hidden from one another I love to guess what’s happening in people’s heads and trying to create something which we can all relate to in some way.

Goals for the future: As I am studying in 2D I do a lot of painting and printing , but the idea of working with am emotion lead me to try something different. I wanted to try visualise the emotion of anxiety through performance. The fact the face isn’t to visible in the images is very important I want it to be an obvious figure but not too obvious of it being myself. The movement and colours are very important. I love colour and I feel you can say a lot with it. I took those too elements and wanted to being them into the city in order to visualise the emotion, that being anxiety. It’s something which everyone has felt at some point and emotion which I could play around with in performance.

Music to (art) work to: I love all types of music but when I’m doing my work I like listening to something calming otherwise I get supper detracted. I love listening to air, their amazing and Lana Del Rey because she is fab ! Anything that’s supper chill and lets you think.


Andrew Neville
Second Year Fine Art in IADT
Reason for entering the competition:
I initially heard about the competition from my lecturer. It’s a great opportunity to gain experience and present your work to a wider platform.

Art Style: Working primarily with oils and print, my work explores themes of cultural identity and the experience of growing up in Dublin. The sublime qualities craftsmanship and skillful composition inspire my work much like medieval manuscripts and the intricacies of Celtic knotwork.

Inspiration Behind The Art: Bernd and Hilla Becher and Andy warhol for their exploration and presentation of the everyday. Francis Bacon due to his interpretation of reality and how that manifests within his work.

Goals for the future:  To be able to continue developing my craft and further explore my capabilities as an artist.

Music to (art) work to: Inuit throat singing


Aisling Mc Nally
Studying Visual Art’s Practice in IADT
Website/ Social Media: Instagram: @ash_mcn or Website:
Reason for entering the competition:
I decided to enter this competition because I’ve never really painted on such a large scale and it would give me the opportunity to do this.

Art Style: 
My art work is mostly illustrative, and I often work with a combination of inks and watercolours.

Inspiration Behind The Art: At the moment, my biggest influences are Alphonse Mucha, Harry Clarke and Holly Exley.

Goals for the future: My first piece is a watercolour painting, where I introduced tone and texture using a ‘dripping’ effect. The second is an ink illustration, with a linear quality. I really liked working on both these pieces. It definitely proved a challenge to reproduce small originals on such a large scale, but I really enjoyed the process.

Music to (art) work to: What music I listen to while painting or drawing varies from day to day, largely depending on my mood. Although, mostly I listen to indie, and more often than not, Hozier.

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