Podcast of the Month:
How I Built This With Guy Raz

For this month’s podcast of the month, we’ve taken a look at Guy Raz’s podcast series on ‘How I Built This’. A really interesting and insightful look into some of the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide and how they founded their companies. In this particular episode Raz interviews Joe Gebbia, one of the original founders of Airbnb, a company currently valued at $31 billion and has over 150 million users worldwide.

So how did Gebbia get to where he is today? It was a chance encounter with a stranger that gave Joe Gebbia the idea for Airbnb. However, it wasn’t all free sailing, it was an uphill battle to get it off the ground and to have investors take it seriously. This is where Gebbia and his co-founder Brian Chesky had to really use their imagination to fund their company and get the attention they required.

We ended up going from 0 to 800 homes in the matter of 4 weeks. I thought that this was it, this was our rocketship to the moon! And so, we get introduced to 20 investors in Silicon Valley. 10 of them reply to our email, 5 of them meet us for coffee, zero invested in us.”

Gebbia’s story is incredibly inspiring and also slightly bizarre. This is a brilliant story for any budding entrepreneur or innovator, but an interesting listen for pretty much anyone really! A well structured interview that has a casual approach from Raz who has managed to hit the nail on the head with this series. There’s an abundance of ‘startup story’ podcasts out there but this one is definitely worth the listen.

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