Podcast of the Month:
Take Fl1ght with Ed Mylett: Becoming Your Best Self

Ed Mylett is one of the most incredibly inspiring individuals I have ever met.”
– Mark Whittle

This month’s podcast of the month is from the Take Flight Podcast series, with Mark Whittle where he speaks to top performing athletes, entrepreneurs and lifestyle specialists. The aim is to hear the stories behind their success to help us to adopt similar tools and ambitions into our own lives.

The episode we have chosen as Podcast of the Month, is Whittle’s interview with Ed Mylett, which is also Whittle’s favourite interview to date. Ed Mylett is a peak performance expert, life coach, entrepreneur, business guru, keynote speaker, business coach and motivational speaker amongst many other things. He also runs his own podcast series and so the interview dynamic between Mylett and Whittle works really well and makes for a very engaging listen.

I get into business for the cause, not the monetisation aspect.”

Mylett feels very strongly that you must love what you do in order to do it well, for him he has always been driven by doing something that makes him feel good, where he feels he’s making a difference. He believes it is this outlook, paired with his phenomenal ambition and positive mindset, that led to him becoming a millionaire by the age of just twenty-eight.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How to nail pubic speaking
  • Extroverts vs Introverts- how to utilise the skills that you have
  • Overcoming fear
  • Understanding your identity
  • How to look at each day more positively

What we found particularly interesting is Mylett’s outlook on introverts and how he would classify himself as one. He discusses how he grew up with anxiety, stress, fear and always being referred to as “shy”. He states that he still has to fight his nature to be introverted on a daily basis, yet, he still sees it as a beneficial trait and as something to be embraced.

Check it out below:

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