Diego Solorzano | Square1


Co-founder, Square1

Square1 is an award winning creative online, web and mobile software development company. Through their experience and vast knowledge they have been responsible for building and maintaining some of the most recognised and visited websites operating in Ireland.

Coworking member at The Masonry

“As a creative agency, we wanted a workspace that felt inspiring. Being in an environment like The Masonry, the creative vibe is everywhere.”

How many people do you have on your team and where are they based?

We have a distributed team; with our headquarters here in Dublin, where we are 10 people, and an office in Alicante, Spain, that counts more than 30 people. We also have a team in Turkey and another one in Argentina. Overall we are around 60 people.

When did you and your partner Ciaran set-up Square1?

Ciaran and I met while I was working in Adverts.ie. He was the CTO of the Distilled Media Group which owned Adverts.ie. We were also neighbours and used to frequent the same pub, so inevitably over a couple of pints one day we decided to set up our own business. At the time we could see how difficult it was to form good development teams, and keep developers happy and interested. We decided we could put together a multi-disciplinary team and become the tech team of other companies, which would allow those companies to focus on their core business.

What was your greatest challenge when setting up your own business?

The greatest challenge is always to be able to grow: how to make sure that you have the clients to be able to afford growing your team; and grow your team at the right pace.

How have you found working alongside a community of fellow business professionals?

It is definitely an advantage to share the building with other companies that are in the same space; it’s a great opportunity for networking, but also a great way for our young staff to connect with people.

What is the greatest benefit of working at The Masonry for you and your business?

Its central location is a great plus, but definitely the design and comfort of the building are the main reasons we have our Dublin office here. Before the pandemic; all our clients that would visit us would fall in love with the place.

The Masonry | Iconic Offices
Diego Solorzano | Square1
The Masonry | Iconic Offices
Diego Solorzano | Square1


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