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Technology and the Future of Work: How Businesses are Aiming to Ensure Your Safety

Social distancing, reduced numbers in meeting rooms, and the increase in remote work are set to make us even more reliant on technology over the coming months. The reality is that major changes to our dayto-day working is forcing us to look to technology for the answers. 

Here are some ways that we at Iconic and businesses around the globe are looking to ensure your safety. 

Thermal Camera Systems 

From airports to office buildings, these scanners have already become a common fixture in public areas and are predicted to be one of the most important tools for stopping the spread of Covid-19 in the future. 

These cameras test for elevated skin temperature and we have fitted all of our buildings with a scanner. With all clients and visitors having to pass by them on entry into the building we are making sure that everyone in the Iconic community is safe throughout their work day. 

Networking and Events

Zoom has witnessed a meteoric rise to the top of the videoconferencing charts and the platform is also becoming an essential tool for hosting client and networking events online.  

Our client events are an integral part of the Iconic community and Zoom has become an important tool for us to still provide these events for our clients. From yoga and fitness sessions to cooking and cocktail making lessons we have been able to move all of our unique events online. If you want to learn more about Iconic’s virtual events you can check them out here.

Office and Property Viewings

Real estate professionals have also had to adapt to reach their clients, meaning virtual tours of offices, homes, and apartments have become common practice over the last few months. Our sales team are also providing this service and taking a tour around one of our 16 locations has never been easier. 

If you are looking to relocate to a coworking building in the coming weeks and months, we are on-hand to bring you on a virtual tour of all of our locations. Take a walk around the building of your choice with one of our sales team and they will be happy to answer all of your questions, all from the comfort of your own home.  

To learn about some of the benefits that a communal workspace can offer you in the future take a look here. 


Staying in touch with friends, family, colleagues, and clients has been one of the biggest challenges over the last few months and has led to a mass migration to video calling apps.  

From Zoom to Teams, video conference calls have become a vital part of everyone’s day now and are sure to become even more important as companies try to game out their daytoday strategies for communicating with their employees, while also keeping everyone safe. At Iconic we have made sure that we are providing the highest quality telecoms and internet connections to make sure that you can communicate safely with your team and clients all from the comfort of your office.  

You can take a closer look at all the measures that we have put in place to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients across all of our 15 locations here

Flexibility in a working environment has become more and more important in recent years but the need for flexibility in business is about to go through somewhat of a renaissance period as companies try to navigate our current climate and how to progress into a post pandemic future. 

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