Meet Our Talented Finalists, Part 1:The Brickhouse Art Competition

Meet The Finalists: Part 1

As the dust settles (literally!) on the construction of The Brickhouse and our talented competitors put down their brushes, tapes, cameras and spray paint cans for the last time, we wanted to reflect on what this competition is all about.

The Brickhouse is a space designed to nurture talent and entrepreneurship in the city, giving smaller businesses and freelancers an opportunity to have a base, a place they’re proud to bring potential investors, where they can build their brand and be inspired by the space and people around them. For this reason, when we began to put design plans together for this space, we knew we wanted some kick-ass art work on our walls to get those creative juices flowing. With this in mind, what better way to nurture a workspace for up and coming businesses than with walls of art from up and coming artists, rising young art students from Dublin’s NCAD and IADT colleges. And so, The Brickhouse – Art Competition was born. The support from the colleges has been fantastic, spreading the word of the competition to their talented students.

We worked with a strong judging panel with expertise across varying aspects of art and design, who together, offered a balanced opinion – Roisin Lafferty MD of Kingston Lafferty Design, Urban Artist James Early and Creative director of Brown Thomas John Redmond, an artist himself. In March this year, the judging panel chose the finalists and we handed over funds with some paint supplies by Fleetwood Paints to let the magic happen.

We have been lucky enough to have met some fantastically talented art students and characters throughout this process, each with their own style and story to tell. Ahead of the competition final and event night on Wednesday, 19th April, we wanted to tell these stories in a two part blog “Meet Our Talented Finalists”. We hope you’ll enjoy hearing their stories and inspirations, while seeing examples of their art, as much as we did. At this stage, we would also like to wish all the finalists, the best of luck, for the closing competition night and to say a huge thank you for entering and allowing us to the chance to work with all of you!


Eva O’Donovan
Tullamore, Co. Offaly- Has lived in Rathmines with her family for the last 5 years
4th year student in NCAD studying fine art, painting
Reason for entering the competition:
I’m always looking for ways to get my art seen and we received an email in college about the competition so I went for it.
Website/ Social Media:

Art Style: I am drawn to fashion and interiors and found that my paintings always follow an exploration into elements of each or both. I paint directly onto patterned heritage fabrics in a generally light and etherial manner to create a sense of cinematic drama with figures coming into or going out of focus.

Inspiration Behind The Art: I am interested in the lineage of portrait painting looking more recently at paintings by Thomas Gainsborough and comparing them to those by Elizabeth Peyton among many others.

Goals for the future:  My plan is to continue my painting by renting a studio in which I can immerse myself in my work and see where it takes me.  I am working towards a show in a Dublin gallery in late autumn 2017.

Music to (art) work to:Tom Waits & specific genre compilations that I have made especially for when I am working on my art projects.


Dan Irwin
Dublin, Rathfarnham
2nd Year at IADT, studying 2D
Website/ Social Media: Instagram: @panther_pink92
Reason for entering the competition:
My tutor recommended for me to enter the competition. I didn’t really know so much about it but was super excited to enter to both showcase my art and for the opportunity to win the overall competition! It is such a great opportunity for people like myself, to gain experience in how the business world works before we even finish college. It is an amazing platform.

Art Style: I really like working with spray paint and particularly like abstract murals designs. I also like working with cling film in a large space and spray painting directly onto the cling film. Once it dries & expands it creates a design that is not possible with directly spray painting onto a wall. For a better understanding you can check out my Instagram page @panther_pink92.

Inspiration Behind The Art: There are a few people who inspire my art such as Irish artists like Maser and James Earley. Two great Irish artists, who have made it to an international level. I’m really looking forward to meeting James on the competition night. They are a big inspiration to me.

Goals for the future:  My goals after to college is to work at an international level. Doing designs for company’s and festivals etc & of course projects in Ireland too. Last week I was working at a small festival doing murals and in May I will be doing a design for Mac Mahon bridge in Dublin which I’m currently working on.

Music to (art) work to: Dance/ Chill Out Music & Kings of Leon


Buse Kanlıkılıç
Istanbul /Turkey
NCAD- Master of Fine Arts, Painting
Website/ Social Media: Instagram: @busekanlikilic_art
Reason for entering the competition:
I decided to enter the competition because mural paintings are something that I am really passionate about. I wanted to have the experience to change the atmosphere of a working space, hoping that it can inspire more people.

Art Style: I am working mainly on walls in big dimensions, using both spray paint and acrylics. Geometrical and organic shapes as well as color combinations are playing a big part in my mural designs.

Inspiration Behind The Art: In my art works I am inspired by the rhythm found in Nature. Alongside my Fine Art education, practicing tattooing for 3 years have also developed my interest in tattoo art and street art.

Goals for the future: My goal for the future is being able to make a living from my creative work and keep producing the things that I am passionate about.


Jack Barrett
Wexford Town
Second Year in IADT, studying in V.A.P (Visual Arts Practice)
Website/ Social Media: Instagram: @jack.barrett_
Reason for entering the competition:
One of the tutors in my college sent me the details of the competition, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something different and experience working in the industry before I even leave college.

Art Style: Currently I am working with light painting in college. Light painting is a type photography, where you shine lights in front of a camera with a long shutter speed, the results are lights making bright colorful lines. It is all about experimentation, with each shot you come out a brand new visual to the last which makes it exciting. I am interested in lighting, in the past I have done paintings that deal with light as a medium and now I am physically painting with light, and I find that fascinating.

Inspiration Behind The Art:Darren Pearson and Oliver Comerford are artists that inspire my work.

Goals for the future:  I wish to continue my career as an artist and make a name for myself in the industry.


Charlotte King
Fine Art Media at NCAD
Website/ Social Media: Instagram: @charlottekingg
Reason for entering the competition:
I loved the idea of creating a piece for a workspace environment, something I’ve never done before. The perfect opportunity to work big scale, I usually work very small. A chance to have my art up in a space for a lengthy time rather than a short exhibition for example.

Art Style: Colourful, linear, structured, abstract. I am slightly obsessed with wooden pallets and their role in the transportation of food. The work was made using acrylic paint, ink and some photography.

Inspiration Behind The Art: My tutors. My love for food. Klaus Pichler for his similar motivations regarding waste, Lee Price for her visual ambitions and her use of colour.

Music to (art) work to: Disco/90’s.


Anne Ebeling
Born in Leipzig, Germany (former East), relocated to Vienna, Austria then finally finding my home in Dublin.
NCAD Fine Art Media
Reason for entering the competition:
Amazing opportunity to be let lose in a beautiful space.

Art Style: I love engaging with the world around me, on a political and personal level. I love pushing boundaries to communicate what needs to be heard. I’m very interested in researching peoples stories and lifestyles and responding with my practice.

Inspiration Behind The Art: My children who live with a life limiting condition and are determined to rock this world! Also my biological and my logical family, who can put on a smile and a party at the drop of a hat.

Goals for the future: I want to show my kids that it is always worth pursuing your dream, no matter what.

Watch our blog and social channels for interviews with some of the finalists and the winning announcements.


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