The World’s Most Incredible HQs

Wherever in the world it may be, the headquarters is where you’ll find the truest expression of any brand. A stunning environment will project not just the company’s image but its ethos to the world at large. These physical locations should encompass the company’s values and style, used as a form of expression of who they are and what they do. Investing in such an impactful HQ is definitely not an easy task and will need a lot of investment, however, if executed well, the return on investment can be priceless.

Urban Outfitters Pennsylvania

This Urban Outfitters HQ is located in a repurposed naval shipyard that was decommissioned in the late 1990s. Over 100 years old, the campus of Urban Outfitters has breathed creative life back into the once industrious building complex. This 350,000+ sqft project was designed by Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle who have injected a vintage & bohemian aesthetic into this property keeping in line with the look and feel of the Urban Outfitters’ branding.

Nasty Gal – Los Angeles 

This is a stripped back, open plan office which focuses heavily on showcasing the original architecture. The designers, Bestor Architecture and Loescher Meachem Architecture, preserved many features such as marble floors, brick walls and concrete trusses. We particularly love the spaciousness of this headquarters which creates a bright and calming place to work.

Red Bull – Mexico

Red Bull’s offices have gone for the ‘tech office’ trend where there’s a heavy focus on creating an environment that employees actually want to spend time in and go against your typical office norms. Designed by SPACE, they describe where the overall concept originated: “the design concept is born when we develop the word “office” and forget all the connotations that can be seen as negative: office hours, hierarchies, work, etc. Thus, we create a space for collaboration that does not translate into the traditional office; open spaces, casual collisions, gym, game room and a bar as the reception area make these offices a place that is not only fun, but also productive.”

Bahnhof – Stockholm

Tech company Bahnhof have really outdone themselves with this breathtaking HQ. This stunning workspace is situated in a former civil defence centre which was built by the Swedish government during the Cold War and sits 30 metres below the surface! The starting-point of this design concept was to treat the rock as a living organism which could then be brought to life by humans as they acclimatise to this foreign environment. An incredibly daring and unique design, this ‘James Bond’ style HQ is definitely noteworthy.

Beats Electric – Culver City

Beats is an innovative, modern and forward thinking company, so naturally they wanted to reflect this in their headquarters. Full of colour and vitality, this young company has created a college campus type of atmosphere with their open planned offices, co-working spaces and art installations. The use of such bold colour blocking really reflects their modern and creative energy also, and sits perfectly with this brand’s style.

Lego – Denmark

Whilst the Lego headquarters isn’t exactly finished just yet, the vision and design is a creation of Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord, this space is a grown-up’s playground that focuses on creativity, imagination, and innovation. You couldn’t incorporate your branding into your HQ any better than these guys have, literally built like Lego, this is an exceptional piece of architecture and design that will bring out everyone’s inner-child.

Dropbox – San Francisco 

Dropbox has a very futuristic style workspace that was created by interior design firm Rapt Studio, who wanted to create a very open and spacious bustling city-like atmosphere. “The magic of Dropbox is it allows you to work anywhere, using a nearly invisible interface. But the company’s 300,000-square-foot physical offices couldn’t be invisible. The space needed deliberate visual cues to support collaboration among the company’s many teams. The solution: a bustling city layout based on landmarks, neighbourhoods, and shared community values.”

Voxpro – Dublin

Voxpro hired architecture & interior design firm Geraldine Coughlan Architects to design their new offices in Dublin, Ireland. Their goal was to inject the feeling of a clash between technology and organic. This is a very exciting and vibrant environment that has lots of bold colours, animal prints and graffiti as well as vegetation interwoven throughout the space, designed to inspire growth and development.

Vans – Costa Mesa

As Vans’ longstanding design partner, Rapt Studio created this Costa Mesa HQ to celebrate the four pillars of the Vans brand—Art, Music, Action Sports, and Street Culture and Fashion. You can see all of these elements celebrated throughout the space, especially the street culture as they’ve evoked a very urban vibe overall. The main feature of this workspace is the outdoor courtyard which acts as a meeting ground connecting all of the spaces together featuring an iconic Vans red staircase symbolising this connectivity.

Bumble – Austin

And last but not least is Bumble, this workspace is full of fun and really embraces the branding throughout with a heavy focus on their symbol, the bee. You can see the honeycomb design in almost every room, from the ceilings, on the walls and staircases as well as an abundance of bee inspired puns plastered along the walls. This HQ really embraces their design and concept to the fullest extent lending to incredible results.

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