When you invite people over to your home, you probably give it a bit of a spruce; run the vacuum round, dust the top of the TV and make sure the dishes aren’t piled high. It’s all about making a good impression, right?

First Impressions Count…

The exact same concept applies to your office space. Many business owners are completely unaware just how important their office space is. Whether you are recruiting new staff or pitching to new clients, you want to make the best impression possible. Welcoming them to meet you at your contemporary, beautifully finished, hi-tech offices will give a ‘wow factor’ you can be proud of and give you an opportunity to physically communicate your key values in business.

It’s not just new acquaintances that you want to impress. Talent is hard to come by and, in such a competitive market, employers really need to be attracting and retaining the best people. Along with pay and people; quality of office space ranks in the top 5 considerations in a new recruit’s decision-making process. We spend up to 40 hours a week at work – who wants to spend it in dreary surroundings?? – we want to be comfortable and stimulated, but we also want our surroundings to be functional and cutting-edge.

As a new, or small (or any kind of) business owner, you don’t really want to be tying yourself to lots of debt in order to buy an office space – because it’s not just buying the space. It’s decking it out to a standard that is pleasing to your clients and staff that costs too. Imagine having to consider all the fittings, internet access, bathroom facilities, parking – the list goes on.

Now, we’re not saying that you have to put slides and fireman poles in your office; we’re not even suggesting that you ‘go Google’ but having an office space that promotes positive energy and productivity will always benefit everyone and solidify employee loyalty.

You’re covered…

With our beautiful serviced offices, all of this is taken care for you. You’ll get a reliable facilities team, a naturally bright workspace, all fittings, toilet facilities, internet access is taken care of as standard; and of course, having a prestigious central Dublin address never looked bad on a letterhead.

Take a look around our website to see what’s on offer, and don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels for latest updates.

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