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Will the Future of Work Be Found in Communal Workspaces?

Flexibility in a working environment has become more and more important in recent years but the need for flexibility in business is about to go through somewhat of a renaissance period as companies try to navigate our current climate and how to progress into a post pandemic future. 

The question is: What will this future look like? 

The short answer is that nobody really knows. However, one option being favoured by many companies around the globe is the move to communal workspaces that have been championing this need for flexibility for years now.  

Flexibility in Your Lease Agreements

Flexible and shorter-term leases are the biggest selling point for any communal workspace provider and as companies face decisions on managing costs – while facing an uncertain future – flexibility in lease agreements will be brought into focus.  

Communal workspaces have earned most of their appeal due to this flexibility in deciding the length of the lease you sign up for. As Forbes explains in their Business Reporter column: “With flexibility, a company generally commits only to a one-to-two-year lease, whereas traditional office spaces generally demand a three-to-five-year lease.”  

This can give all business owners the chance to reevaluate their company on a year-on-year basis instead of committing to a longer lease lasting into what is now a future of uncertainty. 

Flexibility in Your Workspace

Communal workspaces offer the unique ability to suit your needs from day one with many housing every office type for every business need you may have. This gives you the chance to choose and lay out your office in the way that you have envisioned for your company.  

Whether it be in deciding the size and layout of the office to be able to socially distance your employees or fitting further protective measures to ensure their safety. You have the freedom to choose what best suits your company  

This flexibility also extends to your employee roster, and subsequently your bottom-lineThere is no predicting what will happen in the coming months and what growth or deficit companies will experience. This is where many communal workspace providers come into their own and offer the opportunity to add and subtract the number of employees attached to the company on an ad-hoc basis 

So, instead of buying an office for a fixed number of people, this option can allow the business to pay overheads that reflect the number of employees using the space. Resulting in a spend of no more nor no less than required.  

Trust in Your Services and Telecoms

There’s nothing worse than working from home with the constant worry that your WiFi is suddenly going to drop or your hotspot is going to mysteriously stop working during your company Zoom call 

As communal office providers, we cater for many different businesses within a single building, internet and telecoms services must be of the highest quality and, most importantly, reliable. This is where communal offices earn a certain allure and provide valuable peace of mind every time you have to log into that important meeting.  

Also, with trained front of house and IT Teams located onsite to help rectify any problems that you may have, there’s no more sitting around listening to endless ‘on-hold’ soundtracks. The ‘serviced’ part of your serviced office experience can be on hand to help whenever it is needed.  

Whatever happens over the coming months, companies around the globe will be looking for the answers to some very big questions surrounding how they operate, how they can grow into the future, and how they can save money –  and there is no doubt that many will find answers to these questions in the offices of flexible communal workspaces.  

If you’re interested in learning more on Iconic Offices and serviced office space, you can get in touch or find out more here.

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