Work Culture: The Crew That Eats Together Stays Together

The crew that eats together stays together 

So, just to clarify, this is my first ever blog. I’m no content writer but Amy Forde (our marketing manager) has been on my case to get my pen & pad out. I’m well known for saving motivational sayings I spot around the place and then sprinkling little one liners all over our Iconic buildings. I guess she thinks there’s something going on in my little brain that people may want to hear!

So, today is a big day as we open our new Iconic Offices Headquarters at No.81 Merrion Square, aptly named “The Doghouse”. When people close me to ask about the project and mainly why on earth I’d invest €700,000 in a rented building, I tell them “it’s an investment”! Most people just shake their head though and think I’ve just gone off and executed one of my mad ideas again….


But, there’s method in the madness! Sure, it’s nice to have a kick ass office with all the bells and whistles but I’m in the business of making money, mainly so I can sustain and protect the 30 staff we employ but I also need money to fulfil our company goals of world domination.

So why did I spend all that valuable working capital building on our own HQ?

I’m a visionary first 

I build businesses and make business moves based on my gut. On this occasion my gut told me, if I wanted to build a global business that could stand toe-to-toe with the best in the world, my team and I needed our own space, with our own identity and room for us to just do our thing.


We only hire trained killers

If you know me, you’ll probably have heard me say “we only hire trained killers”. That’s my way of saying, we only hire the best. Because of our story and the way we work, we’ve never had any problem getting good people. However, as the business expands I believed that having our own awesome HQ will make hiring great people even easier.


We are in the business providing kick ass workspaces

Developing the very best in class of Coworking, Serviced Offices, etc is at the very heart of what we do. So what would it say to people, if our own office sucked! Sometimes when I’m interviewing sales people, I find myself drifting off and thinking “dear lord, you can’t even sell yourself, so how in the heck are you going to sell my business”. I suppose it’s kind of the same thing, what would it say about us if we built out amazing spaces for people to work in but worked in a conventional and boring space ourselves!


We sell culture

As I often say, I believe soon that Iconic will only be selling physical workspace 50% of the time and the other 50% will be culture. When people rent space in one of our buildings we’ll be working hard to ensure we are adding value to their company culture from day one whether it’s by exceptional customer service, excellent events or just cool spaces to hang out. This is particularly true for start ups, as often when they commence as a member in an Iconic building, they may never have had an office or workspace before. We like our buildings to have attitude and these companies can then channel this attitude and way of working into their own company culture. They can then “top it up” with their own individual flair, company values & goals. So, if as a company, we are going to be selling high volumes of culture in the future then it’s critical that our own company is packed with it and we fully understands it. We all know people buy from people and brands they love and so companies with a great story and friendly staff are well on the path to success and that’s why we need to ensure we get all our members on their way.


Because we are worth it

When people look at us as a company they see an instant success, a well rounded business that perhaps “just got lucky” or “was well backed financially”. The truth is, nobody really heard of Iconic Offices until recently, say within the last 12 months or so. They don’t know of how hard we had to grind the previous 3 years when we were trying to expanding the team and portfolio. We had no funding whatsoever, no bank support, nowhere to go for help or advise because we were blazing our own trail. In the last 2 years, we have seen an unbelievable team come through the ranks and we are now an unstoppable force. Every staff member goes the extra mile to deliver on the companies goals and so therefore we are worthy of a totally epic place to work.

To finish, we’ve a new picture going up in the kitchen in our office. It reads; “the crew that eats together stays together”! How can you have a proper family unit when you have no long term home – it’s a basic need and requirement. Bring on 2017, bring on The Dog House & bring on world domination!

Joe is the driving force and creative madness behind Iconic Offices.
When he’s not busy “hustling” and planning the Iconic Offices’ world domination
you can find him bouncing to hip hop beats.

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